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Our new welding plans are perfect for beginning and advanced projects.

These welding blue prints and directions are all original. No copycat plans or drawings you can find on the internet or in the public domain.

Our welding plans and instructions include:
  • Clear, easy to follow step by step instructions describing how, what, and where to weld and fabricate each project.

  • Either photos of the actual project being fabricated, or jpeg images of the 3D CAD models of the project.

  • Detailed fabrication drawings that will be referred to in the instructions. All drawings will include weld symbols according to AWS standards. The weld symbols will be explained in the instructions (ie. a glossary of weld symbols with descriptions).

  • A complete bill of materials / cut list of materials. This will included any fasteners as required

Everything is in PDF so anybody with Acrobat Reader can view and print the plan set/instructions. Adobe Reader is Free.

All welding plans are written with the beginner in mind, but most of the plans will be fun and challenging for most intermediate and advanced welders. This way anybody can understand how to proceed with the project.

In addition, you can create as many welding projects from these plans as you want for fun, or sell your completed project for a profit!

welding project plans

GUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied with the plans for any reason at all just send us an email along with your receipt number and tell us why and we will refund your money. All we ask is that you do so within 30 days. Fair enough?

go kart plansGo Kart Welding Plans (Frame) -- 23 page step by step guide $29.99 $4.95.

(42 FT) Round Tubing, 1.00” O.D. X .058” wall
(2 ½” X 6”) Mild steel sheet, 11 GA
(4” X 8”) Mild steel plate, ¼”
(4” X 12”) Mild steel sheet, 14 GA
(23” X 22”) Mild steel sheet, 16 GA

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low boy oil panLow Boy Oil Pan Welding Plans -- 14 page step by step guide $19.99 $3.95.

(28 in x 26 in) Mild steel sheet, 16 GA
(3in x 1 ½ in) Mild steel sheet, 14 GA
(1 ¼ in x ½ in x 1 ¼ in long) Mild steel rectangular barstock
(37 in) Mild steel round barstock, ½” dia.
(3 in) Continuous hinge, .06 in thick x approx 2 in open width x 1/8” dia pin.
(2) Swiveling casters, 2 in dia. Wheels
(2) Caster wheels, 3 in dia.
(4) SAE washers, ½”
(2) Cotter pins, 1/8 in x 1 ¼ in long
Suggested: (1) Brass Ball valve, ½” NPT female – ½” NPT m

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garden benchGarden Bench Plans --17 page step by step guide $19.99 $3.95.

(17 ft) Mild steel rect. tube, 1” X 2” X 16 GA
(15 ft) Steel barstock/strap, 1” X 1/8”
Mild steel sheet, 1” X 8” X 16 GA
Mild steel sheet, 4” X 12” X 11 GA
(26) Screws, Flat-head, self-tapping, #10 X 1 ¼” long
(4) Screws, flat-head machine, #10-24 UNC X 1 ¼” long
(4) Dome nuts, #10-UNC

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fire pitCustom Fire Pit Plans --11 page step by step guide $19.99 $3.95.

(3 FT X 5 ½ FT) Mild steel plate, 10 GA (.134)
(4in X 12 in) Mild steel sheet, 11 GA or 1/8”
(4) Angle section, 2” x 2” x 3/16”
(14 ft) Mild steel rod, ½” diameter
(105 ft) Mild steel rod, ¼” diameter

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hand truckHand Truck Welding Plans -- 15 page step by step guide $19.99 $3.95.

Materials Required:

(28 FT.) Round Steel tubing, ¾” dia. X 16 GA
(2 IN) Round Steel Tubing, 7/8” dia. X 16 GA
Mild steel plate, ¼” x 21” x 18”
(18 ½ IN) Round Steel Barstock, 5/8” dia.
(2) Wheels, steel rimmed with rubber tire, 8” dia. x 2” wide (offset rim)
(4) SAE Washers, 5/8”
(2) Cotter pins, 1/8” x 1 ¼”
Scrap wood or a length of 1” x 2” pine or similar wood.

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storage shelf plansStorage Shelf Plans (8ft) -- 12 page step by step guide $19.99 $3.95.

Materials Required:

(26 FT) Steel square tube, 1” x 1” x .065 wall
(75 FT) Steel angle, 1” x 1” x 1/8”
(8 FT) Steel rectangular tube, 1” x 2” x .065 wall
(1 1/3 Sheet) Partical board, 1/2”
(4) Hex Nut, ½-13 UNC
(4) Hex Head Cap Screw, ½-13 x 1 ½” long, GR-8
(1 Box) Self-tapping screws, 8-18 x 1” long

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work benchWork Bench Welding Plans -- 14 page step by step guide $19.99 $3.95.

Materials Required:

(34 ft) Steel angle, 2” x 2” x 3/16”
(13 ft) Steel angle, 3” x 3” x ¼”
1” Plywood, MDF, or Particle board (4’ x 8’ sheet)
(20) #10 sheet metal screws, flat head
(4) Leveling feet

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welding cartWelding Cart Plans -- 13 page step by step guide $19.99 $3.95.

Materials Required:

(20 FT) Square steel tube, 1” X 1” X 16 GA
(15 3/16 IN) Round Steel Tube, ¾” X 16 GA
(27 IN X 24 IN) Mild steel sheet, 16 GA.
(2) Swivel casters with plate mounting
(2) Wheel, 8” x 2 ¼”, steel rim with rubber tire
(4) SAE Washer, 5/8”
(2) Cotter pin, 1/8” x 1 ¼”
(15 1/2 IN) Steel barstock, 5/8”

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tool rack plansTool Rack Plans -- 9 page step by step guide $19.99 $3.95.

Materials Required:

(6 ½ FT) Steel angle, 1 ½” x 1 ½” x 1/8”
(6 FT) Steel square tube, 1” x .065 wall
(2 ½ FT) Steel round barstock, ½”
(4) Industrial equipment feet. Approximately 1 ½” dia. X 1” ht.
Steel sheet, 16 GA, 23 ½” x 14 ½”

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tomato cage plansTomato Cage Welding Plans -- 12 page step-by-step guide $19.99 $3.95.

Materials Required:

(30 ft) ¼” diameter mild steel rod.
½” plywood, particle board, MDF, or similar wood. At least 18” x 48”.
(3) 1” x 2” x 3” wood blocks

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I teach shop classes part time at a small Catholic High School and I will be offering my kids a one week metals shop class where they can build whatever they want during that one week, 40 hour class. Two of the students want a go cart but were unable to find suitable plans.

Yours plans are perfect! You saved the day and at a very reasonable price!

Thanks and keep up the good work :-)

John R. Draxler
Thunderbird Ranch, Wisconsin.

The welding cart is a great design! I ordered the plans for the welding cart after looking at other designs and ideas on the web. I was quite pleased at the thoroughness of the plans and the level of detail. I have paid much more for other plans, for example, a belt grinder, but found these the easiest of all to follow because of how well they are organized. It went together very quickly after I had all the parts cut out.

This would be a great project for a new welder looking for a first project to come up with a useful tool. Mine has worked out great and several people who came into my shop have asked where they could buy one like it!

Steve Mellenthin
Central TX

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