Oxy Acetylene Welding DVD

The process of oxy acetylene welding is not only an easy to understand process, but it also ensures that the concepts of welding and the obvious methods of stick, tig, mig & flux core are better embedded in the your mind because of the simple and easy setup and implementation.

Oxy-Acetylene Welding: This welding course covers the setup of equipment, the adjustment of the regulator, lighting the torch, and flame adjustment. Also explained is why a neutral flame does the job of purging the oxygen from the welding area.

oxy acetylene torch flame

The process begins with the movement of the puddle. Then it is followed by adding filler metal.

The demonstration of oxy acetylene welding is done with a special close up video technique for welding.

moving the puddle

We use arrows to show you where the focus point has to be when moving the puddle.

The close up of the welding process is defined and detailed in this video, with an explanation on the flat, horizontal, and vertical welding positions.

weld build up

Metal preparation, welding techniques & joint fit-up are shown for butt, T, lap & corner joints, with a focus on the penetration and the amount of the weld buildup.

weld penetration

This is an excellent video for beginners who want to venture into welding and learn oxy acetylene welding techniques that will take you to new heights as a welder.

DVD Length: 42 minutes.

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