New! Mig Welding DVD:

Learn Basic And Advanced Mig Welding Procedures In This New Mig Welding Guide!

mig welding dvd

In this Mig Welding DVD called, Mig Welding Made Easy by Ron Covell, you will learn basic and advanced mig welding techniques.

Mig welding is a common welding procedure, but unfortunately most welders don't quite understand how each of the mig welding variables affects your weld.

This mig welding DVD covers everything you need to know about mig welding, and makes is simple and fun to learn. A beginner will discover a treasure trove of new information, and a long time welder with years of experience will be delighted by the little known tips and procedures they probably didn't know about. Guaranteed!

In Mig Welding Made Easy Ron shows you, step-by-step, the Mig welding process. You'll get clear descriptions in vivid detail of each variable and how it affects the finished weld including...

  • Wire speed
  • Voltage
  • Stick out
  • Gun angle
  • Travel speed
  • And gas flow...

Ron also goes into exquisite detail and shows examples on plug welds, patch panels, how to weld aluminum, and how to use flux core wire. Also there is a bonus section that you can't miss...

Bonus Footage: Plasma Cutting. You will enjoy this lesson for sure!

MIG, otherwise known as Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) is the most popular form of welding. The reason for this is because the learning curve is short with proper instruction (hence this DVD), and you can be up and running fairly quickly. You'll be up and running even faster if you weld without gas which many people do. This is called Flux Core Welding and is not a bad way to go if you don't need super clean welds. Many people get a wife feed welder that can weld both flux core and mig. 

Go to these pages to learn more about mig and flux core welding.

If you want to learn mig welding basics and advance your skills to a new level as a veteran welder, Mig Weling Made Easy is simply a must have DVD. Highly Recommended!

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