Advanced Tig Welding DVD!

Ron Covell's new DVD called 'Advanced Tig Welding' is exceptional in its scope, instruction, and production. You'll discover a large body of work on advanced welding techniques in Tig welding, including:

  • Welding chrome moly steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Magnesium
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • And Titanium

But that's just the beginning. Advanced Tig Welding will guide you through tig welding castings made from aluminum, magnesium, and bronze. 

Also, you'll get crystal clear guidelines on how to use pulse and waveform adjustments that many new welders use these days. 

In addition you'll discover sound, practical advice on weld finishing, joint preparation, and machine set up. 

Ron provides the finest instruction when it comes to welding, and the amazing new close-up photography reveals exactly what to look for as you weld! 

This advanced course on tig welding will take your welding to another level guaranteed...

If you want to learn tig welding or perhaps get a tip or two you don't already know consider also getting Tig Welding Basics.

Tig Welding Basics - Discover how to create strong, beautiful welds. Your skill at welding is important. This DVD makes tig welding easy. And it's the best instructional DVD on tig welding in the world! Normally $39.99. 

tig basics

"The TIG Welding Basics video was excellent! Ron covers everything you need to get started in TIG Welding. His technical instruction and demonstration shown you to make the perfect TIG weld, especially for those that are just starting. 

I have shown this video to a few experienced welders and they have given this video high marks. They even admitted that they learned a few new things. I you are just beginning or have several years experience you will appreciate Ron's instruction style and his knowledge of TIG welding. Also you will be impressed when he welds aluminum foil together!"

Jonathan Weimer, Welding Engineer.

If you like Advanced Tig Welding, then you'll really like Tig Welding BasicsMig Welding Made Easy, and Working With Tubing.

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