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Here's where do you find welding projects by fellow welders and fabricators. Or, why not begin with the top 3 articles (in terms of what is being read most often, and not necessarily based upon content. We believe every metalworking article is good, but you be the judge).

New Hot Spot! Discover forge welding.

Get new project ideas, welding tips, and more! The history of welding is quite colorful, and the direction it is taking in terms of job opportunities and creativity in metalworking projects is always expanding. will keep you educated and up to date on welders opportunities, guides, tips, and metalworking know how.

welding artDVD's are a must if you need instant tips and advice. May we suggest Ron Covell's instruction? He is a living legend when it comes to working with metal:

Tig Basics

Mig Made Easy

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Also, our new welding and metalworking projects guide called Killer Welding Projects Vol. 1 is a big hit and we even dropped the price by 38.80%!

All of the welding metalworking projects in this guide come with detailed, professional plans as well as step-by-step directions. If you prefer to get the welding plans and directions for specific projects you can see the welding plans here.

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Welding Tips And Projects Blog
Welcome to our Welding Tips and Projects Blog! This blog is where you will keep up-to-date on our latest welding articles and project ideas.
Top Welding Instructional Videos
Our top two welding instructional videos (dvds) are guaranteed.
Fun Welding Projects
Read welding projects and ideas from readers around the world
Metalworking Projects and Ideas
These metalworking projects and ideas are perfect for school, fun, or profit..
Welding Plans For Cool Welding Projects
Our welding plans make for cool welding projects for fun or profit.
Free Welding Tips and Tricks
Our welding tips and tricks will help make better arc welding or gas welding beads.
Mig Welding Tutorial
A mig welding tutorial plus other tips on welding stainless steel of different thicknesses.
Learn Arc Welding
An arc welding guide that shows you the basics of how to stick weld, welding rods, and more.
Tig Welding Tips
This tig welding guide covers the basics as well as how to tig weld tubing and tungsten contamination.
Oxy Acetylene Welding
Tips on oxy acetylene welding and why gas welding may be better than MIG and TIG for welding panels or sheet metal.
Flux Core Welding
Flux core welding and wire feed basics, machine set up, wire types, and more.
Forge Welding 101
The basics of forge welding and blacksmithing using both a portable and stationary forge.
Cutting Torch Guide
A cutting torch guide that covers equipment, settings, gas, safety, how to light the torch, and more.
Short Circuit Metal Transfer
GMAW MIG welding short circuit metal transfer explanation including arc on and arc off illustrations.
Basic Joint Types
Here's what the basic joint types you'll be welding and what the look like.
Weld Joint Preparation
Joint preparation tutorial shows you how to prepare metal for welding so that you create strong welds.
Basic Welding Positions
The four basic welding positions and information on pipe welding.
Weld Types Explained
There are many weld types and this articles explains eight of them in detail.
Welding Processes
The types of welding processes explained. Learn the different methods and techniques of welding.
Top Welding Tools For Beginners!
A list of nineteen welding tools you'll need now or in the near future if you are just starting to weld.
Types Of Material For Welding
Common types of material and metal used for home, farm, and art welding projects.
Welding Steel
A guide to welding steel using stick welding, mig welding, tig welding, and gas welding.
Welding Techniques
Learn these basic welding techniques and improve your skills at welding.
Welding Advice Corner
New welding advice page for MIG, TIG, Stick, and Gas welders of every level.
Welding Safety
A welding safety resource created by fellow welders
Welding Terms and Definitions
A comprehensive welding terms list in alphabetical order.
Welding Symbols and Definitions
A basic welding symbols tutorial and their definitions for reading plans or blueprints.
Ac vs Dc Welding!
Comparing ac vs dc welding and what the difference between alternating current and direct current is when it comes to welding machines.
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