Tubing Bender Plans!

Our tubing bender plans are professionally drawn up and they come in pdf format. It's 17 pages long. There is also a 14 page step by step guide that is available when you purchase the plans. It's designed to help you build this simple but handy bender in very quickly and easily.

The plans shows you the materials you'll need to build the bender, as well as where to source most of the parts and materials online.


  • Tubing size 1 1⁄4”.
  • It's possible to increase the tubing size up to 1 1⁄2’’.
  • Bending angle 180 degrees.
  • Bending angle measuring at 22.50.
  • Easy set up for different bending angles.

The plans will provide you with every detail you'll need to know including weld plans, measurements, materials, and assembly. 

If you are a novice builder the step by step guide will walk you through every step making it a fun project that you can accomplish in your garage or small shop. 

You can even build these tools and sell them!

If you do decide to try and sell the benders keep in mind that you can buy a similar bender at Harbor Freight for under $100. However, the one you build will be made with higher quality materials so the cost of materials to make this tube bender is going to be the same or more.

There is nothing more satisfying than building your own tools for your shop. Simply being able to say, "I built that", is an awesome feeling.

The price for the tubing bender plans is only $5.95. Order them now while is fresh on your mind.

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Questions Regarding The Tubing Bender Plans:

How would one bend small diameter tubing? Say, 1 inch or .75 inch for example? 

Inaccurate bends can be made without any changes on the device, but there will be a small difference in the bending radius. If the radius of the tubing is 1 inch and you are using a Die for 1.25 inch with bending radius 10'', then the result bending radius for the bended 1 inch tubing will be 9.875'', half of the difference in diameter.

For accurate bends the die must be remachined (or purchased) for the exact diameter of the tubing.

How does one find the right die and then replace it?

The design of our Bench top bender is not unique, but it's simple and technological (easy to produce). A different sets of bending dies can be found on the net, but they are more complex and therefore the price is higher. Our dies and guiding wheels can be ordered in the local machining factory or garage. Because of the simple design, the price should be lower. We can make set of plans for different tubing diameters, or we just can replace the R0.625 dimension on the Die drawing with floating one, like A dimension.

Can it bend other types of tube other than DOM? 

The device is suitable for bending various types of tubing, because of the Die and Guiding wheel design, or the radius bed that fits on tubing diameter. The final result depends on a few factors prioritized in the following order: Bending radius, material of the tubing, wall thickness, bending angle. I think the floating R dimension is a good idea.

Have any more questions about the tubing bender plans? Ask us here.

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