10 Welding Project Plans With Step By Step Directions!

killer welding projects

Our new welding project plans called Killer Welding Projects Vol. 1 are all original and come with detailed step-by-step directions (138 pages of detailed plans and easy-to-follow directions).

These welding plans were created by an engineer with a specialty in Aerospace and 3D CAD modeling.

I guarantee you will be impressed by the detailed drawings, directions, and images that were created for each set of plans. 

All of the welding project plans will challenge veteran welders but they were created with a novice in mind so that anyone will be able to competed the projects and be happy with the results.

Our welding project plans and instructions include: 

  • Step by step guides and instructions which describe how, what, and where to weld and fabricate your welding project.

  • You'll get either photos of the actual welding project you are working on, or images (jpeg's) of the 3D CAD models of the project.

  • Fabrications drawings will be referred to in detail in the instructions that come with each set of plans. Plus, all of the welding project plans (drawings) will include weld symbols according to AWS standards. Each of the weld symbols will be explained in the instruction's. There is a glossary of weld symbols and descriptions of them in each set of plans). 

  • You'll also get a complete bill of materials / cut list of materials along with each set of plans as well. And it will include fasteners if required.

All of the plans are in PDF. Anybody with Acrobat Reader can view and print the plans and instructions with ease. Adobe Reader is Free.

Although the blueprints were created with the beginner in mind, most if not all of the plans will be challenging and rewarding for welders of all levels. I guarantee your satisfaction (see below).

GUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied with the plans for any reason at all just send us an email along with your receipt number and tell us why and we will refund your money. All we ask is that you do so within 30 days. Fair enough?

Order Killer Welding Projects Vol. 1 Which Includes
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Here's What's Included!


As you can see, all the welding plans are valued at $209.90. However, we are offering them individually at discounted prices. But if you bought them all at the lowest discounted prices (and they are going up) it would be $40.50. So we bundled them all together into one 138 page manual called Killer Welding Projects Vol. 1 and priced them at just $19.95 (this price will go up soon as well).

Order Killer Welding Projects Vol. 1 Which Includes All The Welding Project Plans Above For Just $19.95!

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