Top 15 Welding Instructional Videos (DVDs)

We reviewed all the best welding and metalwork videos on the market, including the free welding videos. Our top 15 recommended DVD's below are not only professionally produced, they are loaded with welding procedures and metal-shaping techniques that you need to know if you want to improve your skills and knowledge.

Top 15 Welding and Metalworking DVD's:

Advanced Tig Welding - Brings your welding to a whole new level. Learn more...

Tig Welding Basics - How to create strong, gorgeous welds. Learn more...

Mig Welding Made Easy - Fresh off the dvd press, and it's excellent. Learn more..

How To Gas Weld Aluminum - A must have DVD by Ron Fournier that makes a difficult welding procedure easier. Learn more... 

How To Build A Roadster (P1) - If building a roadster hot rod is something you dream about, start with this one of a kind instructional DVD now. It's awesome. Learn more..

How To Build A Roadster (P2) - Learn one of the most challenging tasks - building the turtledeck. And discover a wealth of metalworking and fabrication knowledge on they way w ith this new DVD. It's one of my personal favorites. Learn more.

Beading Machine Basics - Discover how to use various types of beading machines more efficiently and how to use them on specific forms. Ron goes over entry level ones to the larger motor driven beading machines, and even the older vintage machines - and learn how to use them in ways you never knew about! Good stuff...Learn more.

Arc Welding 1 DVD - If you want to learn how run quality welds, this DVD should be one of your first purchases because it will teach you how to weld better, even if you are a veteran welder.Learn more.

Arc Welding 2 DVD - This is the perfect supplement to Arc Welding 1 above because it gives you the knowledge you need to understand the weld puddle, and it brings you deep inside what it takes to prepare your fit ups and technique for the plethora of weld joint types you will encounter. Learn more.

Oxy-Acetylene Welding DVD - One of the best welding techniques for welding thin guage types of metal is Oxy-acetylene. In addition, it's the best place to start your knowledge and training in the art of welding because it will make learning flux core, tig, mig, and stick welding much much easier. It's a good first step in learning to weld but it's also a great guide for Intermediate welders..Learn more.

Torch Cutting DVD - Learn to handle a cutting torch properly because you will be using one sooner than you know, because they are on all kinds of jobs sites and every decent shop has one on hand. The more you use it and learn the more handy and versatile it will be in your career. Learn more.

GMAW Mig Wire Feed DVD - 'Real Easy' - that's what you'll hear from many long time welders. But that is not quite accurate. It's easier to learn at the beginning, but it does require some skill because you'll need to control the weld and set up the equipment properly. And, you'll need to learn joint fit up, and how to prepare your metal. This DVD shows you all this and more. Learn more.. 

Flux Core Arc Welding DVD - Discover the best and only guide to the basics of Flux Core Arc Welding. In this quality DVD guide you'll learn two types of wire processes: self shielded welding wires, nad gas shielded flux cored wires. Learn more.

Bucks Patterns and Forms DVD - This DVD covers the art of creating bucks and patterns. It's a well done, well thought out, and the lessons on a difficult metalshaping process are exciting. Ron Fournier makes it fun and easy to understand! Learn more.

Blocking and Smoothing DVD - One of the best DVD's I've seen period. Learn how to smooth out aluminum (and steel) using several metalshaping techniques so that your final project is professional quality. This should be a top choice DVD for any metalshaper. Learn more.

Hand Tools DVD - Learn how to use the hand tools of the metawork trade the right way and produce better quality metalwork. Learn more..

If you want some home welding project ideas, you should take a look at these five ones. Or, take a look on our project submission board.

Thank you for your time, and keep working with metal.

  • Tig Welding Basics - Learn insider welding tips that you may not know about.
  • Advanced Tig Welding - Up your skills several notches with the advanced tig welding guide by Ron Covell. It's a must have for any welder.
  • Mig Welding Made Easy - If you want to take a short cut to learning how to Mig Weld or learn how to weld better, this welding instructional video is a must have.

These welding instructional videos are excellent. You will not find anything better on the market. Ron Covell is an excellent teacher, and newbies and veteran welders will find his tips and techniques very helpful.

If you want a few welding books or welding book recommendations, visit this page for more information.

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