.22 Caliber Pellet Gun

by David
(Salem, Oregon)

Spinner Target

Spinner Target

Here's a .22 Caliber Pellet Gun Project:

I'm actually building spinner target for my son. Just using some rebar, steel pipe, and steel plates.

Made a T out of the rebar. Using the pipe cut into 3 inch lengths to slip over the rebar.

Welding various lengths of rebar to the pipe pieces, and then the plates to the end of the Rebar.

Haven't quite finished it yet, but makes for a simple project?!

Looking forward to getting it out on the range and seeing how well the plates hold up. Bought all of the materials at the local scrap yard for $0.50 a pound.

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Oct 17, 2010
2 color paint
by: Anonymous

Ahhh, that's a great idea! I've just been putting dots on it, but I like the idea of removing the dot with a second color!

Oct 16, 2010
by: Kyle

Good job, but when you paint it, put a layer on and then out a small circle sticker in the middle, then paint over with a different colour and remove the sticker so that when you are closer you have a small enough target to be challenging

Sep 27, 2010
by: randomguy

looks like a fun idea, but when shooting at metal there would be a high chance of ricochets.. juss sayin'

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