Portable Welding Table Comparison and Review!

Miller's F-Series Arc Station.
Strong Hand Tools Nomad Portable Welding Table.

F-Series ArcStation vs. Strong Hand Tools Nomad: Which is the Better Portable Welding Table?

Any welding shop or workplace must have a welding table that can withstand many sparks and hot rods without denting too easily. We all know how dangerous fire-hazard materials are, that’s why welders don’t use wooden tables for welding support – thus, metal and steel welding tables were made.

Whether they are going to be used for the industry, for a local shop or garage or just a home hobbyist, a strong and high quality welding table must have the best qualities that will be worth spending on. 

Today, we look at two great products; the F-Series ArcStation made by Miller Electric and Strong Hand Tools Nomad and check out which is the winner among these two.

Miller's Portable Welding Table. The F-Series Arc Station Workbench:

Designed, manufactured and distributed by Miller Electric, a well-respected brand when it comes to welding supplies and equipment, the ArcStation Workbench has a blue coat and stands at 48 inches (35 inches when folded) and a depth of 6 inches when folded. It can take up load capacity on up to 500 lbs. The work surface (with a thickness of 3/8 inches) measures 29 x 29 inches with a 1-1/2 inch diameter steel tube frame.

Best Features of the ArcStation Portable Workbench.

What’s really good about the ArcStation Workbench is that it can last for many years and still stand strong. It’s also quite portable so you can take it anywhere you want and it’s easy to set up. You can easily store it in your work shed or any other place. 

The table is also very sturdy and despite the average price, you will get your money’s worth because both the stands and the work surface are built to last. The work surface is also built from plate sheet.

Strong Hand Tools Nomad:

The other welding table on our review is the Strong Hand Tools portable welding table called the Nomad has a rather plain black color compared to the strikingblue of the ArcStation Workbench. 

It has a length of 30 inches, width of 20 inches and a height of 27 inches. The frame material and the main material are made from steel. The whole table is lightweight and easy to carry and has a material thickness of 14 gauges. 

Best Features of the Strong Hand Tools portable welding table, the Nomad.

Like the competitor, it also has great adjustability, flexibility and portability and you can take it to any place you want – to your home shop, garage or shed. 

Perhaps the only real advantage it will have against the ArcStation is that it’s almost 1/3 of its price, making it greatly affordable and still functions as a very sturdy and dependable welding table for home or work use. 

The only question is whether it can last longer than the ArcStation given its price and some customers complaining of a couple of minor manufacturing faults.

The Comparison.

Strong Hand Tools Nomad is more for the economical or occasional welder due to its affordable price and simple design. But keep in mind that even the simplest of the welding tables can still be useful because of their durability. 

But if you are willing to invest in a more branded table then buying a Miller Electric ArcStation table wouldn’t hurt, especially if you like the color-rich design.

Either way, both of these two tables are quite the contenders when it comes to flexibility and portability – you can both store them into home sheds or garages without a problem.

The Verdict.

It doesn’t really matter which table you choose – sometimes it depends on how you use the table and how you take care of it. Any tool or machine can last for many years with proper care, clean-up, and maintenance and repair if applicable.

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