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WCWelding.com is a website that covers welding tips, techniques, and information on welding. The content on this site is geared towards newbie welders, intermediate welders, and there is even a few nuggets of quality tips and techniques for veteran welders.

You will find that our site is organized with a 'knowledge' center (see NAV bar on the left) where we provide basic and technical information on the primary welding processes which are: MIG, ARC (Stick), TIG, Oxy Acetylene, Flux Core, and I have included an area on Forge Welding because I think it's awesome. I know you will find each of these pages very interesting and informative.

We also have a newsletter (mini course) that you can sign up for for FREE. See upper right corner of this site or click here. In addition we sell DVD's, Books, and Plans on Welding and Metalworking. We only sell the best books, DVD's, and plans on the market. 

Also, we have a Projects section where you can see what other subscribers of ours (to the mini course) and site visitors are working on or completed and we give you tons of ideas for your own use as well. That is a really cool area and when you sign up for our mini course we will send you a link to some of the coolest ones and newest ones, amongst other information welding and metalworking information. 

For more information on us, see our sister site called Custom Choppers Guide.

If you would like to contact us, use this page. Thank you for your interest in our site. Bookmark us, because we are updating and adding quality welding content and tips daily.