8 Interesting And Unique Plasma Cutting Project Ideas!

With today's technology, more and more welders use a plasma cutter not just for industrial use but also for their own home DIY projects and for creating their own works of art. For that reason, here is a compilation of some great plasma cutting project ideas you can be able to do using plasma cutting.


1. Saw and Tree by Bruce Myers.

This exceptionally-created hand saw underwent a very artistic and intricate plasma cutting change. Check out the details on the long tree that stems from the handle all the way to the top – the leaves look pretty real.

This is one great way of making good use of an old, rusty saw (or any rusty tool that you might think is totally useless now). You can turn it into a really neat piece of art. 

Another thing to notice about this is that even the handle of the saw, which is made of wood, has been carved in an artistic way to match the design of the tree on the plasma-cut saw blade. 

You can hang this over at your garden or home shed.

2. Tree Drive Gateway Designs by JDR Metal Art.

If you enjoy walks at a park or own a place that has a lot of trees and scenic walks, you can do this plasma cutting project for your own yard or place. The details of the tree cut into two halves of the gate doors give you a pleasant vibe and a more nature feel. 

Put up a taste of Mother Nature to your gates with this awesome tree design using plasma cutting.

3. Halloween Pumpkin Faces from Helium Tanks by Erin Homan.

Need a Halloween plasma cutting project idea to impress your kids, or need something for the neighborhood, or just for fun? Start off with helium tanks or just about any other used tank that’s quite rusty and start carving (actually plasma cutting) your way into creepy smiley faces, ready to be displayed for Halloween. This is also a great welding exercise or project for those who are still starting out in welding.

4. Advanced Plasma Cutting Project Idea: Fish Bones by Leigh Dyer.

A true work of art, this set of fish bones made by metal work artist Leigh Dyer over at the “Tastings Hastings” event at London is incredible. 

All the fine details from the head to the tiny little fish bones have been made with careful plasma cutting techniques to make it look so realistic and captivating to the audience. This is a really great inspiration for all cutters and welders out there in making something unique if you live near the beach.


5. Garden Gate Scene Metal Art by Foothill Metal Art.

If you own a garden, a farm or a ranch, you would definitely want to do one of these plasma cutting project ideas – an exquisitely-designed door or fence with a plasma cutting touch. The intricate details on the rusty fence / door are perfect for any art and nature lover. 

You can create your own design based on this idea, and it will put any rusty door you have to good use, just like the saw cutting project mentioned above.

6. Lanterns by Gina Nash.

If you want to light up your garden, balcony or terrace, here is a DIY plasma cutting project you might really enjoy. You can use any design or pattern you want to make your lanterns and simply hang them up to any place you like.

Lanterns are quite simple and fun to make, just like the jack-o-lanterns from tanks mentioned earlier.

7. Plasma Cut Shovel by Cal Lane.

One of my personal favorite plasma cutting project ideas! Shovels can get old and rusty as well. If you happen to have one of those, you might also want to try lace art on it using plasma cutting just like this one. Advanced welding artists can work their way into a shovel and use it as home décor.

8. Birds by Richard.

If you want to keep it simple, you can do a nice bird-shaped metal work for your door or any place using plasma cutting.

Sometimes it helps to have plasma cutting project ideas to inspire you to make something unique on your own, or to model someone else's ideas and simplify it or improve upon it. Hopefully these projects helped a little bit.

Do you have any projects you want to share? We would love to list it on this site. Please contact us if you are interested. All you have to do is send some pictures and details of your project and we will do the rest.

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