Student Welding Projects and Ideas For Teachers:

I've been wanting present some student welding projects so that other teachers and students could view them and discuss ideas with one anther. On my welding projects page one teacher from Indiana posted a request.

'Welding Teacher seeking ideas: I am a high school welding teacher and thought I would make a post and see what types of project ideas I would get from all you welders or fellow teachers out there reading.

Quite a few other teachers and a few students chimed in. Some left their name, others did not. Below are all of the best project ideas for students, and below that is a section where you can present your ideas for other welding teachers. So lets get started.

Nail Scorpion by Matt:

metal scorpion

I just finished building a scorpion student welding project from scrap nails. Image Source.

  • You will need 15 nails, 2 strips of thin metal just shorter than the nails, a mid-sized metal pole with a hole about the size of the nail (to bend them with for the legs).
  • You will need 8 90-degree bends for the legs and 2 35~45-degree bends for the claws).
  • A TIG welder. Set the TIG welder to 160 and 16.2 for best results.
  • Start the body by welding 2 nails with the heads facing forwards on the wider strip of metal, one on each side.
  • Then on the less wide one, do the same with the heads facing down (This is part of the stinger).
  • Then get something, like a small piece of wood, and elevate the project so that you can put the legs on more easily.
  • Then, weld another nail to the thin piece of metal; that is the stinger.
  • Now, weld the less wide piece of thin metal to the wider one, with the heads down and the metal at an angle.

Hope you enjoy this project!

Golf Ball Catapult:

I am a welding instructor in Louisiana. Next year I am going to have my students build mini catapults to launch golf balls. They will be graded on distance and design. I think this will spike their interest.

Welding Tool Education:

The first thing or word of advice would be to teach your students on what each welding tool used in the real world for welding represents. This would be the basic learning techniques for student welding projects. Teach students for them to be precise in their work they perform and not to face the real world with the "whatever technique".

The reason I mention this is because one day I walked into a high school welding shop where students were preparing a piece of metal plate to be cut. One of the students was using a 2 x 4 pieces of lumber trying to square off what he was going to cut. Unfortunately the teacher was in the office phone at the time. So, I took the initiative to stop the student and instructed him what tool to use making it easier before cutting.

My words to this students were "Learn the trait you are striving for by utilizing the right or proper tools, the right calibration of heat for torch cutting and last but not least the correct welding temperatures depending on the thickness of the metals to be welded."

Also, maybe come up with simple student welding projects that might be raffled to generate money for the welding club and throw in a party for the students at the end of the year. Just an idea!

Square Tubing Outdoor Fireplaces:

We make outdoor fire places out of square tube 20X28X14. These are easy and have lots of welds on light weight tubing. I also have made saw horses which have been very successful.

Bryan, Welding Instructor in Kansas.

Coat Racks:

For my first year student welding projects include something they can take home with them. I let them take something home such as a coat rack. I had them make them out of horseshoes which is a way to get them the 'fever'. The cool thing is they can design it, and there is so many ways you can make a coat rack.

By Alabama instructor.

Golf Cart Roll Cage:

You should get old golf cart and make roll cage. They will learn bending and welding this way and it's fun. Fun student welding projects increase their likelihood of learning more.

Saw Horses:

I think the best student welding projects for beginners are stuff that is useful and simple. Like a tool box to hold their tools. Maybe two metal saw horses to lay some thing across as a portable welding table.

These are things that will come in handy for the rest of their lives even if they do not become welder as a job. I believe it is best to start at the beginning.Torch welding and brazing, arc, mig, and tig. Good luck to you teacher and your classes.

Mike from Kansas.

Teaching About Weld Decay:

I think the most suitable and valuable student welding project is teaching how weld decay in stainless steel causes and their remedies. This project will help you and your student to get some good knowledge of welding metallurgy and process.

Basically Weld decay is a stress corrosion cracking (Weld Metal and HAZ) in Stainless steel after welding due to improper grade of filler metal and specifications of base metal use. Mostly Noubium is added for prevention of weld decay in stainless steel.

by: Mobeen Jawaid

Best Student Welding Project For 13 Year Old Kids:

One of the best welding activities for year 9 (western Australia) students is a metal dice. cut 1.2 or 1.6mm ms plate into 50mm strips and students mark out the 6 sides, drill the holes with about 8mm drill and cut out the sides on bench sheers. then fusion the dice together. great project and after touch up with a file or grinder, a coat of paint looks great!

I have made a jig up to tack it together, bit of 50mm angle iron about 100mm long with a couple of clamps lets the kids get a perfect 90 on each join.

By: Phil, Western Australia.

Student Welding Projects For 16 to 18 Year Old Kids:

Tree Made Of Rods:

For Christmas I made a tree using rods and a stable using nails. It was fun and easy and my daughters loved it! I've also made a knight with armor and a few name plates (those never get old). Now I'm working on a firefly and a fish. Promise the kids will love it all!

By WelderLady.

Jack Stands:

My students choose between a pair of jack stands 2 1/2" and 2" pipe, a bench vice using square tubing, or a 2 wheeled dolly (handtruck) 1/2" Pipe, or they can choose to design their own.

These student welding projects include different shapes and sizes of metal,bending, shaping, drilling, grinders, and various hand tools.

Many have chosen to build coffee and end tables using plasma cut designs integrated.

My students are generally 14 and 15 year olds. Some also look at home decore websites and get ideas (their mothers love the gifts).

Stash Boxes:

I have my grade 9 students make welding logs to be used as locking stash boxes, flower pots, or miscellaneous object holders.

  • Take 2, 21/2, or 3" black steel pipe 5 or 6" long.
  • Face both ends on the lathe.
  • Scribe a rectangular shape on face of pipe to make a hinged door.
  • Center punch and drill 1/8" holes at the 4 corners of the door.
  • Hacksaw or power saw the two short ends of the door, and use a radiograph, hand torch, or plasma cutter with straight edge for the long sides of the door.
  • Trace out, and torch or plasma cut out two circles on 1/8th plate. Tack circular end plates from the inside of the pipe.
  • Grind circular plates flush to outside of pipe using hand grinder.
  • Weld parallel or zig zag beads all over pipe.
  • Attach two legs using round bar, and make a hinge for the door using 1'4" tube and 1/4" round bar.
  • Cut the door lengthwise with a hacksaw to make the door and hinge fit flush to the face of the pipe.
  • Wire wheel smooth and shiny, and clear spray, or paint.

Hope this helps, I am also having problems finding good projects.


I was teaching my kids SMAW welding by having him weld his name and other pictures and artwork designs onto some sheet metal. He enjoyed it because he could actually use them as paperweights or hang them on the wall in his room. Afterwards he got to use a grinder to finish the steel. He also enjoyed making some parts for his friends. He was the envy of all of the neighborhood kids.

By Danimal.


How about a go-cart and then put it up for action to support the weld program. You can probable get the motor donated. Of course everyone is going to want a turn.Good luck and Hats off to an honest days work.


Have them build metal catapults out of rebar and bungee chords and have a competitions to see who can launch a golf ball the farthest.


I have an idea for your students. Why not have them build smoker or grills?

By W.K. Maynard.

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