Right Angle Jig Plans!

One of our subscribers to our newsletter submitted his nice little right angle jig and how he made it. Here is another way to build one very simply with step by step directions and illustrations.

Materials Required:

  • (20 IN) 2X2X1/4” Angle Steel.
  • (10 IN) 2X1/4” Flat Bar Steel.

How To Build The Right Angle Jig:

  • Step 1: Cut two pieces of angle steel and one piece of flat bar according to the drawing Cut Sheet below.
  • Step 2: Gather parts and lay them out on the welding surface. Position them according to drawing 90 DEGREE JIG. Use a 90 degree L-square to clamp the pieces in place as shown below. Tack weld the pieces in place. Then check alignments and complete the welds.

How It Works:

Your Jig can be used for welding pieces of various sizes together. If extremely large or extremely small stock needs to be welded at a 90 degree angle, this basic format can be used to make a customized jig.

Right Angle Jig Dimensions:


You can download the PDF version of this guide which has more details and measurements.

Other Jig Options:

Bessey 9.5 Inch Right Angle Clamp: Obviously it holds your work at ninety degree angle so you get access to your pieces for assembly and welding.

It has a 2 way swivel that clamps your pieces automatically and at various thicknesses. It is also made of cast iron so it can be used for heavy duty applications.

Wolfcraft Right Angle Jig Clamp: This is used in woodworking but you can use it for light right angle duty welding. It can hold round stock.

It has a 2.5 inch jaw so it will be handy for a fairly wide range of jobs. 5 year warranty!

Strong Hand Tools Multi-Axis Weldering Clamp: This is a higher end welding clamp. It is a three axis clamp.

One handy feature is the 'Quick Acting' button that provides you with quick set up, saving you time, and the arm swings away which is also a small bonus.   

Forney Magnetic Welding Jig: This is a very popular tool that is cheap and it work great for light to medium fabrication work. This particular magnet can lift up to seventy five pounds. I have a dozen of these things in different sizes and use them all the time.

It will help you fit up for forty five degree, ninety degree, and one hundred and thirty five degree angles.

It's great for all kinds of applications including: pipe fitting, floating and keeping thinner sheet or bar separate.

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