Build A Tool Rack!

tool rack

This tool rack will be very handy for keeping your garden or landscaping
tools organized and in one place when not in use. It will also reduce the
clutter in your garden/tool shed.

This is a very simple build that anyone can do quickly.


  • 6.5 feet steel angle: 1.5 inch x 1.5 inch x 1/8 inch.
  • 6 feet steel square tube: 1 inch x .065 wall.
  • 2.5 feet steel round bar stock: .5 inch.
  • 4 industrial equipment feet. Approximately 1.5 diameter x 1 inch height.
  • Steel sheet: 16 gauge. 23.5 inch x 14.5 inch.

Tool Rack Assembly:

tool rack assembly

Assembly Parts List:

assembly parts

Illustration Of Weldments and Parts:

tool rack weldments

Weldments List:

weldments parts list

For a more detailed view of the weldments for this project you can download a one page pdf version of it here. There are also 12 page set of plans for this here.

9 Steps To Building A Quality Tool Rack!

Step 1: Cut part numbers WP-906-2 and WP-906-3.

Step 2: Weld these components together in a rectangular frame as shown below and as outlined on drawing WP-906.

tool rack frame

Step 3: Cut part numbers WP-906-4, WP-906-5, and Wp-906-6.

Step 4: Position each WP-906-6 on part number WP-906-5 as shown on the drawing. Weld as per the drawing.


Step 5: Combine the sub-weldment from step 4 and two WP-906-5’s. Weld these components together while maintaining the dimensions from the drawing.

rack joints welded

Step 6: Position the sub-weldment from step 5 on the frame from step 2. Make sure the components are straight and squared.

tool holder

Step 7: Place part number WP-906-7 inside the frame as indicated on the drawing and weld in place.

Step 8: Paint or powder coat the welded frame as desired.

Step 9: Attach the rubber feet to the bottom of the frame.

Completed Tool Holder:

completed tool holder

Not a bad tool rack for your shop or shed, right? Let us know what you think. And also let us know what plans you are looking for so we can put them on our list.

How About A Tool Box?

tool box plans

This is a very nice set of tool box plans. It's for a beginner, and it would be a great project for a beginner looking to get into metalworking.

This set of plans is 14 pages and it is very detailed. You'll find it very easy to follow.

Tool box measurements: 18 x 5.5 x5.5 inches.

It can be used as a small tool box for your shop, or you can build it for your children or grandchildren. They will love it! I know, my son likes anything to do with tools and building stuff.

You can have these plans free. For individual use only and you may not copy or distribute them.

Get a PDF version of these plans here.

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