3 Problems With My Oxy Acetylene Welding Torch!

by Anand Charya

I have started making wire sculptures. I join the wires by gas (Oxy-Acetylene) welding process.

In the beginning, I used an Indian made ‘Gas Torch’.
I welded nearly 2000 spots with this torch.
I know about the types of flames.
I know welding is to be done in ‘Neutral Flame’.
I know about the ‘Inner Cone’ of the ‘Neutral Flame’, where the temperature is maximum up to 3000 to 3300 degree Centigrade, and so where the material gets melted.

Now, I have stopped using my old torch, because I found the problem in the valves.

My Problem:

Today, I fitted a China made ‘gas torch’. But with this torch, welding does not happened to be strong and fast.

My work involves Mild steel wire of 2.5 mm. diameter.
Wires are to be weld by touching it’s ends.

What I found while welding:

1. There is a crackling sounds.
2. The Nozzle and it’s tube gets hot.
3. The Cone length is little smaller than the previous torch’s cone length considering the length of only acetylene gas.

Could you please tell me the reasons of these 3 findings?

Thanks with regards

Anand Charya

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Sep 04, 2014
Quality of equip
by: Alan

I call myself a professional I make a living with my equipment. So I have always bought the best because its value for me and works best. How ever just recently because I am 64 yrs. of age and slowing down I bought a new oxy/ acetylene plant. I choose to buy a cheaper version of reputable manufacturers product. This was a huge mistake it come with all sorts of problems. Gas leaks at the taps and the gauges the gauges only lasted a short time . So it is my call using this Chinese equipment could bring with it some issues. For example my mixer in the hand piece does not work properly either brazing or cutting .I haven't tried welding and not going to. I hope I am wrong but it has cost me a lot of money not including the lost gas that has escaped from the thing. I always say I wont get caught again but I will .

Sep 03, 2014
Tip Cleaners
by: Anonymous

Try using some tip cleaners and clean all the orifices.

Sep 03, 2014
3 Answers To Your Question!
by: Steve

1) From the description, it sounds like backfire in the tip. This can be caused by not enough acetylene or holding the tip too close and overheating the tip. It can also be caused by trying to use too small of a welding tip.

2) Same as number 1.

3) Not sure exactly what the question is. If this is a welding tip, a smaller tip will have a smaller "cone" length. In both welding or cutting, the tip size (and gas pressures) should be matched to the thickness of the metal.

Hope this helped.

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