5/8 inch steel plate into 18 x 36 welding table?

by Al Coffman
(Bartonsville, PA)

I'm just learning to weld. Have not even used the MIG gas yet, however, have done a few small projects, gates, latches and have done ok. A lot of the welds are not pretty, but seem to be holding ok.

Question: I bought a 5/8 inch steel plate about 18 x 36 and want to make a welding table out of it. the angle I'm using for the legs is 1/8 x2 by 36. Not sure if I'm getting the welds over all hot enough to flow the thicker metal. Current welds have some "small holes" and the wire sticks sometimes instead of striking an arc. Please let me know how best to do this.


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Oct 06, 2013
by: Glenn ( a different one)

If you are using a 120 volt mig, and that is all you have, consider switching to flux core instead of solid. It will give you more penetration.

Oct 01, 2012
welding gremlin
by: glenn

it almost sounds like you are loseing your ground might want to check the ground nut on your michine

Aug 16, 2012
Try ARC welding
by: Anonymous

The steel plate that you are using as a table top weighs 125 lbs. As a newbie MIG welder, perhaps you should abandon the MIG weld idea and try arc welding. From what you have written it appears that your MIG welds are flimsy for a heavy project like the table that you are planning. Perhaps your are using a 120 volt MIG welder. I had a 120 volt MIG welder and sold it because the welds were too light ( poor penetration ).

JPC Pittsburgh, Pa

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