6 Foot Scrap Metal Fence.

by hans van de ruit

I have build a 6 foot high metal fence, 200feet long, using mostly scrap iron. I used 3"oilfield pipe, cemented 3 feet into the ground, 8 feet spacing. Used two lateral solid 11/8" sucker rods welded to the drill pipes, then every 6"spaced a vertical 1/2" sucker rod piece.

I painted the whole project with blackoilbase paint, and it looks like an antique fence!

This project I did in 2014, and it still looks like I made it last week, also knowing, if I had taken the wood option, I would have to replace the fence by now. Total cost: $ 400.00 for all the steel, which amounted to a couple of tons weight, and a $300.00 Lincoln arc welder. All the steel I cut to size with my Partner K-700 14" cut off saw.

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