Arc Welding 2 DVD!

The DVD ARC WELDING 2 provides more than just an insight on the molten weld puddle, and it goes the extra mile and takes an in-depth look at metal preparation, fit-up, and welding techniques for different types of weld joints.

After the basic fundamentals have been gone through, Arc Welding II looks to change the amperage by taking a closer look at the weld puddle, and in turn maintain proper travel speed, rod angle and arc gap.

The demonstrations of metal preparation, joint fit up & welding techniques for Corner, Lap, T, and Butt joints, including V beveled with a back up bar and V beveled open butt are done very closely and accurately in arc welding II.

This DVD will widen you welding knowledge to new horizons.

The explanations are detailed and the videos are accurate and clear, and we provide real world examples.

 We show you how to set the amperage, travel speed, rod angle, arc gap and rod movement are used to control penetration, the shape and the quantity of weld.

Also, the demonstrations of the flat, vertical, horizontal, and overhead positions with the use of E6010/E6011, E6013 & E7018 are done up in extreme close detail and clarity.

This video is suitable for the intermediate or the advanced user.

DVD Length: 45 minutes.

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