Bend Test Issues

I have been practice testing my students and have run into an issue of breaks in metal just past the weld zone. Plates are air cooled and prepped to prepare for a bend test. The area in question looks like it has crystallized metal (like it has been quenched). What could cause this problem any ideas?


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Jun 06, 2014
The Metal Broke Next To The Weld?
by: Steve

That's a tough one. I'm taking it that the metal broke next to the weld, in the HAZ (Heat Affected Zone). Generally, that happens when the metal cools to quickly, but on mild steel that's allowed to sit and cool, it's usually not a problem.

What welding process (Stick, MIG, TIG, Flux core)? What grade of metal? How thick is the metal? If it requires multi passes, the base metal may be getting to hot. They could try giving it a minute or two between passes. Here again, on mild steel that's typically just not a problem.

It may just be some bad metal, not very common but it does happen. Send a picture and provide more details if you can.

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