5 Best Plasma Cutters For Small Shops and Garages!

If your are planning on putting up a small shop that does repairs and maintenance on numerous welding projects, or if you want to create metal art, one of the first investments that you should consider making is a plasma cutting machine.

Plasma cutters efficiently slice and dice through most metal alloys. This allows you to efficiently take on numerous welding jobs that work with most sheet metal, pipes, bolts, and metal plates. Before going out to buy a plasma cutter, there are numerous factors to consider such as:

  • Cut Performance 
  • Thickness Cutting Capability
  • Quality
  • Suitable Power Supply

Now that you have an idea of what factors to consider, here is a list of 5 very affordable CNC plasma cutting machines that you may want to buy for your garage or shop. 

Hobart Airforce 700i:

The Hobart 500546 Airforce 700i Plasma Cutter is a very ideal machine to buy for your garage or small shop as it can be used for numerous welding jobs such as auto body kit repair, sheet metal welding, and plumbing to name a few.

This affordable 230 Volt air plasma cutter is suitable for light to industrial welding jobs as it comes complete with numerous accessories like lead and consumables as well as a long power cord and heavy duty work clamp that permits flexibility and portability in any work area. While most plasma cutters operate on oxy fuel, the Hobart 500546 Airforce 700i 230 Volt Plasma Cutter actually cuts better than oxy and delivers more precise cuts with very clean results.  Some features and advantages of this quality plasma cutter are:

  • Very Ergonomic to use  
  • Does not require any pre-heating for welding jobs
  • Does not use gas pressure or tuning of the flame
  • Contains a built-in fan that gets rid of excess dust inside the machine
  • Comes with numerous accessories such as: 
  • Cable strap
  • Protective case covering
  • Long power cord
  • Heavy duty work clamp

Lotos Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter:

Another economical plasma cutter ideal for garages and small shops is the Lotos Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter (LTP5000DIGBT).

This machine is one versatile plasma cutter as it only weighs a little bit below 20lbs and has the power to perform welding jobs such as body kit repair, sheet metal welding, and other industrial work. It is also ideal for when welders have to cut on rusted metal, pre-painted frames, and other types of scrap metal. It has a Pilot Arc feature that has a very small torch size that is perfect for welding jobs that deal with cutting smaller seams and indentions within a welding job. Some very cool features/advantages of this plasma cutter are:

  • Unit only weighs below 20lbs.
  • Plasma cutter comes complete with numerous tips and electrodes.
  • Contains an air filter regulator to prevent moisture from accumulating.
  • Also comes with welder/plasma cutter cart.
  • Operates on dual voltage (110VAC/220VAC).

Ramsond CUT 50DY Digital Inverter Portable Plasma Cutter:

Next on the list of affordable plasma cutters for garages and small shops is the Ramsond CUT 50DY Digital Inverter Portable Plasma Cutter, which is now significantly lighter than previous Ramsond models. This plasma cutter is able to perform thin and precise cuts on most materials such as brass, stainless steel, aluminum, and many more. This is perfect for welding jobs such as car repair, bike repair, sheet metal welding, and plumbing to name a few. The Ramsond CUT 50DY Digital Inverter Portable Plasma Cutter runs on dual voltage (110VAC/220VAC) and is capable of performing longer welding tasks due to its 60% duty cycle. Some features/benefits that you may enjoy are:

  • Capable of severing thickness of up to 1-inch.
  • Provides maximum cut thickness of ¾ inches.
  • Features Integrated Digital Display of current Amps and pressure gauges on front panel.

Hobart Airforce Lightweight Plasma Cutter With Air Compressor:

The Hobart Airforce Lightweight Plasma Cutter with Air Compressor, is another very affordable plasma cutter that you should consider for your small garage or shop. This plasma cutter has the capability of cutting up to ¼ inches of aluminum and other steel alloys. It comes complete with a long power cord and heavy duty work clamp that permits flexibility within the work space. Other enjoyable features/advantages of this affordable plasma cutter are:

  • Contains air-compressor that allows for precise and consistent cuts.
  • Ideal for producing cleaner cuts of metal free of slag.
  • Operates on 110VAC.
  • Comes complete with strap and replacement tips.

Everlast Supercut 50
110 volt 220 volt:

The Everlast Supercut 50 110v220v is a very small plasma cutter that has the capability cutting through steel, aluminum, and most conductive metal alloys. This affordable plasma cutter runs on dual voltage (110VAC/220VAC) that provides flexibility at working in areas that contain different power sockets. It contains pressure gauge indicators found on its center console, allowing for welders to regularly check the condition of their device. What is even more beneficial is this plasma cutter only weighs below 25lbs, allowing welders to easily use this machine with minimal effort. Some features/advantages of the Everlast Supercut 50 110v220v are:

  • Capable of cutting up to 1-inch of most metal alloys.
  • Contains adjustable post flow control of 60 seconds to conserve torch life.
  • Contains air pressure light indicators that report any problems on the machine’s performance.
  • Operates on 110VAC or 220VAC.

Bottom Line:

These plasma cutters are all very affordable, making them ideal for most garages and small shops. To choose the ideal plasma cutter for your use depends a lot on the type of welding jobs you will be performing. Keep in mind that another factor that you will need to take into consideration is the types of metal alloys you will be working with. Now that you know what factors to consider, the choice is now up to you.

What Would I Get?

I have the Hobart Airforce plasma cutter because it's the best quality, but also the most expensive. My second choice would be the Everlast.

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