Butchers Block Kitchen Island

(Claypool, Arizona. USA)


Well let's start with it has been about 5 years since I have welded anything! Now when I did I actually made custom shoes for my horses, did random jobs here and there, fences, gates, etc. So I get this idea that I want to do something with my old butcher's block 36" x 18" roughly. Nice thick bout 2" and put together well. I have now accomplished the metal angle iron frame, it’s I guess what I am going to call half inch, it is half inch on either side of the angle. I did this with it attached to the block, probably not safest, but I wanted it to fit! And it does very well. And so now I am wanting to of course put a shelf and maybe a drawer below, but the legs, would horse shoes hold this thing up and together? Just wondering and I have great ideas like crossing 2 shoes on every corner, which entails using a torch to bend them just right. But I am just looking for few tips if anyone is interested in commenting, feel free. All will be appreciated constructive criticism also welcome. lol will post pics if I can figure out how. Oh was wondering if I ought to just use the horseshoes to add to it and maybe just use 3x3 boards for legs, I am putting this thing on wheels also. It going to be too heavy I think to lift. Ha ha, well for most people that is. The other part I am sure you have figured out this is a chick building this so no wise cracks about my interior decorating ideas, ha thanks for reading. And have a great whatever time it is when you read this.
This ain't no ordinary Chick,

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