Colt Rodeo Rock Slides

by Jaco Du Plessis
(Western Cape , South Africa.)

Colt Rodeo Rock Slides 1

Colt Rodeo Rock Slides 1

Hobby time - Rock Slides for my sons Colt Rodeo 4x4. (76 x 4.6 round tube.) 90 Degree slow bend cast elbows.

After hours and weekends.After boughting my son a bakkie , we need to give it a facelift.Its going to be in 4 stages.It usualy takes a little longer for an electrician like me than for a boilermaker.

We used 4.6mm wall thickness boilertube( 76mm )with 90 degree slow bend elbows. When building the roll bar we are going to fill it with sand , heat it up and bend it by hand. The only difficult part on the rock slides was the angle for the tapred chassis and the polishing of the welds afterwords.

The base and gusset material was made of 10 mm mild steel.Everything including the radius was cut by hand.

We used 250A Thermodyne Mig welder with 1,0mm wire. The gas we used was Mag Mix. The only negative comment was that the brackets and gusset was of too strong material. In case of a side smash , the chassis will bend. They say the brackets must bend in stead of the chassis. The chassis brackets are almost 1,2m apart.

Sorry for my Afrikaans English.

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