Compost Barrel Project

by Luke Scott
(Franklin, Illinois)

Compost Barrel

Compost Barrel

Re: Compost Barrel

My first project is welding the frame for a compost turning barrel for my girlfriend. These things cost about 200 dollars, but mine is going to run around 15 because I'm using an old barrel, wheels, and some galvanized pipes that I found on the farm.

The only cost is the bolts that hold the wooden bearings, and the paint. Bolts, washers, and nuts were about 10 dollars. When I'm done it will have wheels so that she can easily move it around her yard. Also, i made it just high enough that she can push her wheelbarrow underneath and just turn the compost out.

The frame work isn't done yet, just the legs.

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Nov 02, 2010
compost Quest/ comment
by: cwelder2

was wondering if you have paddles init to turn the mulch. if not when i get done with mine will show pics of it and how the paddles are secured. hope you can get more pics of it when done.

Aug 25, 2009
compost barrel
by: Joe

Your idea is good but I would like to offer some helpful information. Please be very careful what material you choose to weld on. Galvanize materials produce some very dangerious gases. You can become very sick or even worst. The pipe it self is good, it's the galvanize spray that is bad.
Good luck on your welding projects.

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