2 Decorative Welding Ideas!

Decorative welding is something that many welding enthusiasts love to try as it not only builds on your welding skills but also gives a sense of achievement at creating something that little bit special. This form of welding is almost an art as you need a creative mind as well as good welding skills that combine to deliver eye catching designs that can be both practical and decorative.

If you're looking to start a business welding in the decorative metalworking arena then you really need to think about what decorative welding ideas you may have as there is a massive number of items that you can create through decorative welding such as gates, pergolas, ornaments, plant stands, artwork and much more.

Below are two fun decorative welding ideas to help you along your decorative welding path. For both ideas you need a MIG or stick welder.

Plant Stand

For this project you need small sized round, you can choose whatever size you feel is right for your plant stand. You will use larger round as the frame of your plant stand and smaller round will be used on the vertical to give a decorative feel, for those that want an extra decorative edge you can bend the larger round to add to the top so there is a rounded more appealing finish.

The shelves on the plant stand are made with larger round for the frame with an extra piece across the center of the width for support purposes then use smaller round to fill in the frame for the plants to sit on.

Plant Artwork

For this decorative project you need a sheet of higher gauge steel and small sized round. Using the sheet of steel cut out a strip of metal, this should be some two hundred millimeters in width (7.87 inches). Bend the metal strip so it forms a cylindrical shape, now use the cylindrical shape as a guide to cut out to circular shapes and weld these on each end, this is your plant pot.

Now you can bend the round to form interesting stem shapes then cut out leave shapes from the remaining steel and weld them on to the round. To finish the plant artwork weld the created plants on to the top of your plant pot and you have plant artwork. For those that want to take this a step further why not try creating flowers to adorn the top of your plant artwork.

Whatever your decorative metalworking idea you need to ensure you need to ensure that you put pen to paper and map out what you want to create as it is very easy to end up wide of the mark when building something from your mind. Taking this into account it is also important to note down measurements so your end product finishes just how you pictured it in your mind.

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