Dirt Bike Ramp Welding Project

by Alex

Dirt Bike Ramp Welding Project: I haven't been welding for very long. My first projects were just little boot scrapers with stakes on the ends. Recently I decided to start another one.

I just got a blazer and I can't figure out how to get my dirt bike around so I went to work. I got a 2" square pipe with rounded edges. drilled a hole for the hitch pin so it was snug in the receiver then cut slots in two 4x6 1/8" steel plates, welded them onto the square tube and drilled it so a 4x4 drilled in two places fit so I could attach it easily with bolts.

Then I took a 2x6 that was a little over the length of my bike. Cut out a long hole at one end so the front tire could sit down in. I then attached 1x4's to the sides for rails. Then I screwed the 2x6 to the 4x4 and bolted it into place.

Now, by pulling the one bolt it becomes a ramp, I push the bike up and the further up it goes the easier it is to push. then once it is in place it is locked into place with the other bolt. I want to make an adjustable hook that will hold the bike in place.

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