EQC Welding Shield Tip!

by James Norris
(Bridgeport, Ohio)

I switched to the modern EQC welding shield. I had no idea the batteries can go away all of a sudden.

I have been welding for quite time now. I am currently 57 years old and an automotive craftsman. Believe me, you can teach an old dog a new trick!

To make sure you NEVER get flash burned, test your shield with a common type style BIC lighter, striking the lighter in front of the screen. THIS SIMPLE ACTION OF A SMALL SPARK WILL CAUSE THE SHIELD TO TURN ON! ( I have people save me the empty lighters so I will have them on hand. Use a very sharp lock blade knife to create a hole to release any trapped gas )

IF THE SHIELD WILL NOT CHANGE, THE BATTERIES ARE NOT GOOD! At this time, you must change the batteries, NO EXCUSES. This worked for me.

I do this EVERY time I turn on my shield. As far as this old dog is concerned, he now has an idea that never fails to give confidence to do what I want to do.

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