Flux Core Arc Welding DVD!

In this DVD the flux core arc welding process is explained, and it covers both the self shielded and gas shielded flux cored welding wires.

You can use the flux shielded arc welding wires both inside and outside the shop which makes this a versatile welding process.

self shielded welding

It's a simple welding process to learn because there are moderate deposit rates and lower voltage requirements with the self shielded flux core process. As a result it's a very popular choice for beginner welders.

flux core weld

The flux shielded core is probably the most widely used method for teaching welders about the nuances of welding and the various processes that go with it. The reason for this is because of the fact that the flux shielded core wire feeding process is so easy to implement and use.

The focus of our videos is to help you develop welding skills so that you understand and complete projects in a professional safe manner.

flux core weld puddle

The videos of the actual welds, followed by detailed explanations are done up in extreme close up. And our video demonstrations show you the voltage and wire speed settings, electrode extension, gun angle, and travel speed influence the process of weld penetration, as well as the shape and the size of the weld. Weld joints, metal preparation, and joint fit-up are also included in this video.

The DVD 'Flux Core Arc Welding' will give you a "working knowledge" voltage power sources (constant), wire feed units, and what flux cored welding wires unique characterstics are.

flux core wire feed

It's important to understand the technicalities of setting up FCAW welding equipment so that you get the proper weld amount you need, and achieve quality penetration as well as fusion. This DVD will provide with all of that and much more.

This video is suitable for beginners and intermediate welders.

DVD Length: 45 minutes.

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