Flux Core Stainless Steel Wire?

by Richard Bird

Hey, I've got myself a little welding project on the go at the moment, but I'm having trouble finding supplies. I'm making an A frame for my inflatable rib.

I've purchased preformed 90 deg bends and a few lengths of 316 st/stl tube. I have a hobby gasless mig welder and also an oxygen acetylene set up.

I'm trying to get hold of flux core stainless steel mig wire but I'm struggling to find any, would I be able to use the ox acetylene to weld stainless?

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Sep 04, 2014
Here are some tips on flux core stainless steel wire:
by: Brian

There are five basic types of stainless, some don't weld well. Start looking up catalog specs, match up one with what you're doing. These wires use gas.

Ferritic, martinsitic, austinitic, precipitation hardening and duplex. Identify what your materials are. Look for stainless wire for mild steel, you're welding dissimilar metals, will probably require pre-treat and post-weld heat treat to be successful. If you pick a wire that uses gas, it will probably be 98 percent or more Argon, tri mix isn't for stainless.

Also, why use stainless, use a lo-hy stick, clean easy.

Hobart Brothers has a smooth running 316L flux core wire but I don't think your hobby machine would be big enough to power it.

Sep 03, 2014
by: Mario

Look at ebay. there's always some on there. Big spools though

Sep 03, 2014
Where to buy.
by: Anonymous

I have seen stainless steel flux core at tractor supply and at any welding supply store.

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