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Free Welding Plans - A Welding Table Is A Fantastic Project, And This One Is Unique.

I want to offer you a set of Welding Table Plans for FREE. There is no catch. You'll get a free set of plans that carry a retail value of $49.95 (we discount them periodically and they are currently just $4.95 - which is insane).

You'll also get our Welding Tips and Tricks letter sent to your email box every week or so, and I know you'll enjoy it. You'll get welding project plan ideas, welding tips, access to our Welding Advice section, reviews and much more. We have nearly six thousand readers currently and it's growing every day.

Our free welding plans and paid version were professionally drawn up by an expert Designer in the automotive and industrial sectors. His name is Florin, and he has 20 years of experience designing everything from auto parts, car, truck and motorcycle frames, sports cars power trains, brakes, and simple designs from a go kart to a portable barbecue, and many many more sets of plans.

Free Welding Table Plans

Please don't let these free welding plans sit on your hard drive collecting computer dust. Use them and then submit your photos to us or submit them to our very popular Projects Page.

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What Kind Of Welding Tools Will You Need?

If you are a novice welder or you want to weld but don't know what to get, here's how to get started.

To complete this set of free welding plans you'll want to get a good cheap wire feed welder that is MIG ready. These are often called MIG welders. But there is a difference. 

A wire feed welder is not a MIG welder until you attach shielding gas to it and use the gas to shield the welding process from the air, which has 'contaminates' that can make your welds sloppy and messy.


That's why most wire feed welders are MIG ready.

MIG welding is easier than stick welding in that you only need one hand to weld. And it's much easier than TIG welding.

Tig welding is the next step up in welding. But it does require two hands, and skill. So you may want to stick just with a MIG welder.

Yes, you can weld with just the wire and no gas, but it will be messier. However, this is also a good way to weld when you are in a windy environment. But since you are going to be using our free welding plans or using or welding project ideas and paid blueprints, you will probably be in a controlled, safe environment like a shop or garage. So I suggest you get a MIG welder.

In addition to a MIG welder you will need a good welding helmet, and gloves. Also, wear boots with the laces protected, and to not wear flammable clothing or loose clothing. There are specialty welding shirts and jackets on the market.

You'll need a good welding surface, like a welding table! In addition you'll want some clamps to keep your metal pieces in place as you weld. There are more tools you should have available as well, like an angle grinder.

I suggest you read this excellent article on the right gear and tools to get for your small shop.

Here's A List Of Our Other Simple Welding Projects Plans and Intermediate Level Welding Blueprints:

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