Free Garden Cart Plans!

garden utility cart

To get our garden cart plans free of charge and with no obligation to buy our plans or guides simply look for the blue button below this detailed description of the garden cart you can build with the free plans.

  • Garden cart features.
  • Total length (with handle): approx. 80”.
  • Platform length : 50”.
  • Platform width : 25”.
  • Platform height over the ground : 18”.
  • Wheels : 13 x 5 x 6 (13” diameter).

This garden cart is a simple welded construction without suspension, with a high obstacle crossing capacity. The design is for an oscillating rear axle and turntable type steering front axle.

The drawings included a platform that's made out of plywood, but it could also be made of steel sheetmetal or aluminum, whatever you have available or prefer. Expanded steel is also an option to consider.

The 13” wheels are easy to find off the shelf at your local parts supplier or online. I recommend wheels with hub bearings.The design is simple with only two joints: the turntable for the front axle and the longitudinal articulation for the rear axle.

Both are designed with Teflon friction elements, which is a quite hard plastic and has very good anti-friction properties.

Of course if you wish the platform longer, you are free to built it as you need, but it is recommended to place also additional crossbeams and to reinforce the axle elements.

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Have fun with your garden cart!

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Garden Cart Plans Assembly Instructions:

In an effort to make the plans easy to understand we created a step by step guide on how to assemble the garden cart. This guide is more like a tutorial because it will show you how to follow the plans so that you make all the right decisions as you go along beginning with the equipment you'll need, and then it takes you from there.

Let me know your feedback and how the plans or the assembly instructions for the garden cart can be improved. Thank you.

New To Welding and Fabrication?

If you find the plans and instructions for the garden cart a little daunting, don't worry. I recommend starting with a useful project that doesn't require a lot of metal fabrication and more simple welding. For example, consider a project that will be useful in your garage, shop, or garden. I think a workbench, basic welding table, or a horseshoe project is an excellent way to begin the process of becoming a solid metalworker.

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