Key Holder Shop Sign

by Jon Chandler

Key Holder Sign

Key Holder Sign

Our Auto Repair & Towing company's name is "SASSY'S" I'd just like to share my key hanger and sign with you guys. It's about halfway finished right now. Going to fab a butterfly for my mother that passed away and a plaque with my mother and step fathers marriage date. "Sassy" was my mothers nickname.

I started out with the idea when I seen your grill with the chains as handles. I bought 15' of 1/4" chain and a 3' long piece of 5/16 angle iron and 1/4" rod. I scrolled the key hangers and gas mig welded them to the angle iron. I used 4" pipe to guide the curves on each "S" and gas mig welded those as well.

Things left to do, engrave a 5"x4" metal plaque saying: "Mark Truitt & Sarah Truitt" and gas mig it in the center of the hangers flush against the bottom of the angle iron, cut out a butterfly (my deceased moms favorite) and gas mig it onto the upper right part of the far right "S" and use mig wires as the antenna's on the butterfly. More pics to come tomorrow as I only have 2 hours to work on it. Also, I'm doing all of this welding at GCATC (High school welding shop).

Personal info: 3rd year welding student. I went to a regional welding competition and won first place, later went to the Kentucky state welding competition through Skills USA and did not place but judges said I came in a close 4th.

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