How To Make A Humidor In 17 Easy Steps!

If you want to make a humidor for yourself or a friend, why not go with a metal humidor so that it stands out from the rest and lasts forever? 

Don't want a metal humidor? Read this article on how to build a wooden cigar humidor. 

Today we will show you how to build a humidor. We will go through the requirements and steps for you to create your own cigar humidor at low cost. This will mean you can enjoy the prestige of owning a cigar humidor and the enjoyment of your cigars while not denting your wallet. 

This is an intermediate to advanced project on how to make a humidor, and it also is dependent on the welding type used. 

Materials required to make a humidor (a metal one): 

  • Small humidifier unit (can be bought at low cost online - look for a battery powered one) 
  • Sheet of 20 gauge mild steel (if you're capable at Tig welding you can constitute for Aluminium) 
  • Mig welder (or Tig) 
  • Plasma Torch 
  • Angle grinder 
  • Deburring tools 
  • Metal hinges (x 2) 
  • Metal bender 

21 Steps To Making A Humidor!

  1. Measure out a 700 mm by 650 mm rectangle on your metal sheet and cut out the rectangle 
  2. On the 700 mm side measure 200 mm in from the outside edge of both sides and mark across 
  3. On the 650 mm side measure in 200 mm in from the outside edge of both sides and mark across (you should now have a sheet like fig. 1) 
  4. Cut out the squares on each corner (dark areas of fig. 1) and now bend the four flaps to 90 degrees in the same direction 
  5. Weld the four flaps at the corners to produce a box shape - try putting water in the box to ensure now small holes before emptying and cleaning to ensure dry 
  6. Use the angle grinder to smooth off the welds to produce a clean finish... 
  7. Here are the next 11 steps to make a humidor: Now we will go through the details of installing your humidifier - this needs some calculations of your own as not all humidifiers are the same: 
  8. Measure your humidifier and review its style. You may have a humidifier that has an digital display. 
  9. Put your humidifier in the box at one corner and mark where the digital display shows so you can use the plasma to cut a hole to view from the outside - some people prefer to cut a hole with a drill the manually cut the hole than use a plasma 
  10. Use your deburring tool to ensure the hole has a smooth edge 
  11. Mark the outside edge of the humidifier on the inside of the box 
  12. Cut a strip of metal from your remaining excess metal sheet - this need to be 250 mm in width and the length equates to the length and width combined of your humidifier with an additional 6 mm (example length 100 mm and width 50 mm then cut 156 mm strip). 
  13. Mark out the length plus 3 mm on the length of the strip cut and bend the strip at this point 
  14. You can put this around your humidifier in the box and it should fit neatly so you have a housed section for your humidifier 
  15. Take out the humidifier and weld the metal in place in your box (you should now have a box like figure 2.) 
  16. Now take your excess metal sheet and mark 403 mm by 353 mm and copy steps 2 and 3 measuring 5mm from the inside edge of each side to produce a lid for your box 
  17. Place the lid on the box then take the two hinges and weld on each end making sure there is at the top of the back of your humidor under the lid- the opposite side to the digital display 
  18. Weld the other side of the hinge onto the back on the lid and you should then have a working lid that opens and closes (figure 3.) 
  19. This is how you make a humidor that is very unique, and will last a long time. You should now have a great cigar humidor of your own to grace your desk or cabinet at home, you simply need to paint the humidor in your preferred colors. 
  20. If you are looking for a more antique look why not find some low cost wood to cover the outside of the humidor to hide the metal inside. 
  21. You may also want to include foam padding or something that will cradle your valuable cigars inside the metal container.
metal humidor

For all those cigar lovers out there the cigar humidor is the ultimate prestige in cigar accessories. The problem with a cigar humidor is the price associated with purchasing one. So make a humidor that lasts, and save some money. 

By the way, for those that do not know the cigar humidor is a wonderful piece of equipment that retains cigars in pristine condition by maintaining the correct temperature and moisture content in the box. This ensures the cigars do not suffer from moisture or temperature damage ensuring your expensive cigars will last for a long time for your enjoyment. 

I hope you found this basic guide on how to make a humidor helpful. Let us know!

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