Mounting My XM Satellite Radio

by Kevin

Custom Bracket For XM Satellite Radio

Custom Bracket For XM Satellite Radio

I created a custom bracket for my XM Satellite Rradio. Here's what I did...

I installed a XM satellite radio unit in my 2008 Dodge Caliber SRT-4. Unfortunately though, it doesn't come with many mounting options, and one of the few choices I had for mounting was double sided tape with a ball and socket swivel base.

I decided to install it with the ball and socket swivel base, however, the double sided tape wouldn't hold well (and I knew it wasn't going too!).

So, I decided to take some of my .50 inch square tubing, and weld on a base to mount it to the floor with the bolt that hold the passenger side chair to the floor.

Problems in making this bracket
-I have limited room, and the base is on the floor, and the xm unit needs to be about 10 inches higher, and to towards the drivers side.
-In order to not LOSE the capability to move the passenger side seat fully forward (in case I want to move the back seats down to haul large objects) I would have to make the bracket mount to the floor, but yet, be positioned below the slider.
-I didn't want it to stick out and touch the carpet, or come close to touching the passengers

So, I took the square tubing, cut it about 4-6 times and came up with this.

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May 31, 2009
Looks professional
by: Iron Mike

You gave an idea or two with your project that will help mine out.

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