Movable Satellite Dish!

by Randy McCallister
(Pulaski, VA)

Welding is an exciting Art, Technology, and Tool.

For my first welding project in a welding class I built a movable satellite dish structure. I know that you can buy them but did anyone stop and think how easy they are to build? It was a great project and I used it to locate satellites at my home!

I watch each month for new project ideas. Most are relatively easy projects but don't forget about all of the projects around the house. We can construct pot racks, bases for tables and filing cabinets. Art-see items such as holders to display musical instruments, frames for pictures, stands for printers and copiers. Remember also that the welding profession can contribute to the world of labor saving electronic devices. How about an iPad holder or a computer stand?

I think we in the welding profession needs to broaden our approach. Don't just think in terms of classical welding projects that have been around for years but let's challenge ourselves to come up with new and innovative applications and designs.

Randy McCallister, Aviation Welder - (TIG)- my weld of choice!

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May 05, 2011
Good Ideas

Thanks for your comments and unique welding ideas. They will come in handy!

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