Projects I Made During Shutdown and Outages

by Michael Hancock
(Fitzgerald, GA 31750)

Back When I was a young man just getting started I was doing al lot of traveling. We were working shut downs and outages in paper mills, power plants, and boiler houses. I would take advantage of the time on breaks and scarf down a quick sandwich then I`d twist up a couple of sticks of 1/16th stainless tig wire to make different kinds of jewelry.

I would make bracelets, rings, bolo's for bandannas, and stainless racks for coolers to keep your drinks up out of the water when the ice would melt. The stainless could be polished up to have a shine as good or sometimes better than sterling silver.

If you are young just getting started I bet if you are a pipe welder and are on a shut down some where if you ask around you will get some good ideas on stainless projects from older pipe welders. This is my story thanks for letting me share it with you all.

Weld Test Administrator Trainer GBW Railcar Services

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