Remember To Breathe When You Tig Weld

by Eddy Lee
(Aucland, New Zealand.)

Tig welding is an art!

It's been 5 years now and I have been away from this site. It’s nice to be back reading how everyone is doing and so much has happen since I been away so awesome!!

Well my ventures with becoming a bike builder has come to a reality in good news. And I have been welding a lot!

I have tig welding, pretty much nailed down and loving it. I have tig welded all sorts of metals, from steel to alloy, and sheet metal. I have bent and shaped steel and welded my own chopper frames and have built several choppers and lots of custom bike modifications and still doing it now.

During the time while I was tig welding I have experienced these odd obstacles:

  1. Stiffness - because I wasn't comfortable.

  2. Finding the correct height.

  3. Making sure that all my equipment was nearby to reach.

  4. Great lighting in the workshop.

  5. A great welding helmet & gloves.

  6. Choose a good time to weld and when you’re tired.

  7. Knowing the correct setting on the welder.

  8. A quiet time so you don't get disturbed.

  9. Finding a great rhythm in the process of welding.

  10. Breathe and relax! Even though the smoke from the welding can be annoying and good for health, try and breath as you weld and keeping a steady rhythm.

And thank you for this site. I first bought my blueprints for chopper frame building from you. It all worked after I build my jig and then I went onto the chopper frames.

It has been a great journey and I am loving it so much. And now I am looking forward to moving to the USA next year to fulfill my dream goal and working for a friends new bike building workshop.

Thank you so much for everything guys you have been a great site and knowledge. And I am grateful!! And I will be posting some of my chopper builds soon. God Bless. Eddy Lee.

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Jun 07, 2013
Tig is great except for the price of gas
by: Anonymous

I like Tig welding but in Australia the cost of the gas and hiring the cylinder makes it very expensive.

Fortunately I can also use my welder for conventional stick welding and this is what I resort to for the odd small job.

Jun 01, 2013

Would love to get into tig welding, I will one day . So tell me what machine do you have? I am a Miller fan and would like of their their Dynasty machines


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