Where To Sell Your Welding Products and Art!

If you've had no luck selling your metalwork lately or you are just getting stared this article will give you some tips and resources on where to sell your metalwork projects, art, and welding products online and offline.

Where To Sell Your Welding Metalwork Offline:

If you don’t have a stable internet connection to connect to customers, or you are not that tech-oriented when it comes to using computers, you might also try to sell your metalwork projects offline.

After all, not every person in the world might have access to the internet or have a Paypal / credit card to purchase your work. With that said, here are some tips on where to start selling locally.

Join Art Exhibits.

The first thing you would want to do is to join the local community of artists in your place. In this way, people can see what you do and your metalwork can gain more exposure. Having a base of followers and enthusiasts for your work is a good start, and then soon, they will eventually ask you for the pricing if you ever sell them. 

You might think at first, “oh art exhibits are only for painters” but this is not always true. Most local art exhibits not only just paintings and flat art but also sculptures, home décor and similar handmade stuff so you shouldn’t worry. In fact, many big-time people would definitely want your metalwork for their office, home, garden or any living space. You just need to market your craft better.

A Well Priced Product.

Since you are new to the community, the first thing you should consider is pricing. Many people will go for low price first, just don’t make it so low that you’ll get bankrupt later. Make it so that a lot of people would want to buy your artwork. It’s a lot better than staying at a very high price while getting little to no customers at all.

Converse with Fellow Artists Often.

It’s not just that you’re joining art exhibits to promote yourself and what you do; you might also want to try forming connections with other sellers, if there are, and other artists who work on the same field as you. In this way, they might recommend your metalwork to someone else, possibly someone with a big budget. So don’t waste the moment and seize the opportunity to network with people, especially fellow local artists.

Join Contests.

Yes, this is not really selling your metal art. But if you do win cash prize or get more fans from such contests, many people will start recognizing what you do and eventually go to your shop and purchase stuff from your prized artworks. If there are metal art competitions in your locality, take the opportunity to give it your best so that people will know what you are truly capable of.

Showcase your Work during Festivals or Holidays.

If you live on a place where local festivals are held, or when it’s that time of the year such as Christmas or Halloween, you might want to take the chance to showcase your metalwork projects so that more people can see them and get interested with them. Hand out simple flyers to people to let them know that you’re selling great stuff. You can also join cultural events that are related to the festival and / or holiday celebration. Many people would want to see Santa Claus metal sculptures, I’m sure.

Associate with Some Local Businesses.

Do you know a local business that is totally interested in your artwork? Ask them to be your patron / sponsor and help promote your metalwork through advertising on their business shop. In this way, every customer they’ll have might end up being your customer as well!

Where To Sell Your Metalwork Projects Online!

Being a welder is more than just creating stuff for the industry. Sometimes, you might feel a bit artistic and go for welding projects such as metalwork, including home décor, metal art and others. Selling your own hand-crafted metalwork might sound a bit daunting, but it is just like selling a piece of drawing, painting or sculpture. Here are some of the best sites to sell your metal art.

Ezebee: http://www.ezebee.com/

Whether you work on traditional artworks or make crafts and metalwork, Ezebee is a great online community to get more customers for your creativity. You can have your own web shop and manage personal blogs, announce events and use the site for social media promotion. Guess what: it's all free!

Spreesy: http://www.spreesy.com/

Integrated with Instagram and Facebook, you can easily gain customers through posting photos of your metalwork or craft and sharing it on social media to attract your followers.

Artplode: http://www.artplode.com/

Since metalwork is usually priced high, you can go for this site, which has a requirement of $1,000 and above pricing with a price per listing of $60. But hey, it's not only international - it's also a big-shot online art store with many renowned artists. It also doesn't charge you any commission fee.

Amazon: http://services.amazon.com/handmade/handmade.htm

Amazon has a handmade service where you can market your handmade metalwork or similar DIY projects for potential customers. After all, Amazon is already a well-established marketplace.

eBay: http://www.ebay.com.au/bhp/metal-wall-sculpture

With over thousands of people selling here, it's no surprise that you might be able to sell your metalwork here.

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/market/scrap_metal_art

Etsy also allows you to sell metalwork and other handmade items.

Vango: https://www.vangoart.co/

Unlike most art selling sites, buyers can see how your metalwork or artwork looks like in their living space by taking a photo. Sellers also receive 80% royalties.

A-Z Craze: http://www.azcraze.com/

Another great site to sell crafts and metalwork, it doesn't charge you with listing fees and you're only charged $5 a month, or you can choose to deduct it from your sales (5%).

Behance: http://www.behance.com/

A really popular site where creative designers and artists showcase their work, there is also a category called Work for Sale so you can use it to sell your metalwork projects.

CraftIsArt: http://www.craftisart.com/

This site has a specialty on vintage and handcrafted art, so your metalwork is a sure hit here.

Miratis: http://www.miratis.com/

If you live in the Uk, this is a great way to sell handcraft works. You can include your metalwork projects in the large array of glass, textiles and similar crafts simply by contacting the site to apply.

MISI (Make it, Sell it): http://www.misi.co.uk/

Another UK site, you can also sell your metalwork and similar handcrafts here for only 3% commission sales.

MyEmporium: http://www.myemporium.com.au/

If you live in Australia, you might want to check out this site, which has no listing fees but have commission percentage. You'd have to apply to the site.

Wanelo: http://www.wanelo.com/

A free website, it's simply a curated listing that allows you to link to your own shop or external website for buyers to purchase, if they get interested.

DENYDesign: http://www.denydesign.com/

If your metalwork's focus is more on home design then you might want to try and apply here, since they do show some wall art and home furnishing.

Uncommon Goods: http://www.uncommongoods.com/

They also sell home items other than craft so if you do metalwork decor then your craft might fit in this site.

WorkOf: http://workof.com/

Another great place to sell home decor craft, they also have offline events so you can also have an opportunity to sell your metalwork outside.

Selling metalwork offline is just the same as online, but you have to do more physical effort and casual conversations for people to really get into your merchandise. It’s not just marketing skills you need – you’ll also need a lot of heart and determination.

There are many sites out there that might take in your metalwork, but the most important thing is to make your craft look presentable for buyers. Good luck!

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