Torch Cutting DVD

You can find cutting torches for sale on any welding equipment sites. But you need to know how to handle the torch. This DVD will help you increase your skill beause you'll learn tips and techniques you'll find only in this DVD guide. 

torch regulator adjustment

This DVD created by by WMC focuses on you, the the welder, and how to help you handle the cutting torch. 

We'll show you how to use the torch from set-up, demonstration of the adjustments you'll need to make with the regulators, lighting the torch, torch adjustment, and more.

straight cut

There are demonstrations on how to do straight cuts (which look easy but are not), in addition you'll get detailed instructions and explanations on  gas pressure settings, speed of progression, starting the cut, where to watch, restarting in the kerf, and slag & metal preparation.

cutting thick metal

You'll get detailed explanations on how to cut thin metal, thick metal, how to use circle burners, making cut-outs, vertical cuts, cutting through two pieces of metal & using straight edges.

cutting off bolt heads

Also included are excellent demonstrations on how to cut off bolt heads, how to cut pipe, burning round bolt holes, cutting apart T-joints, solid round stock, and cutting off a nut while at the same time saving the threads in order to reuse the bolt!

There are almost 40 new methods and demonstrations that reveal the the various cutting methods that are popular these days, and several techiques you don't know about which makes this DVD a very feature rich guide that you'll want to have handy around your shop.

The beginner and the intermediate user will find this video very helpful.

DVD Length: 45 minutes.

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