Welding Aluminum Chain Mail

by Nick
(Winnipeg, Mb, Canada)

chain mail

chain mail

My current project is welding aluminum chain mail. I'm making a coif (headpiece) made with 4-1 European weave out of aluminum rings. You can get a general idea of how the basic weave is done as well as find some patterns for chain maille at http://www.mailleartisans.org/ if you would like to try it on your own. I am using 14 guage 1/2 inch rings for my own project because I'm hoping the larger ring size will make welding less painful.

I bought the rings rather than make them myself to save on hand pain and I'm currently still weaving the project together. for simplicity I am only welding the 4 rings that surround the center ring so that I can lie everything flat while I am working on it.

I'm using Welco #10 flux and an 18 gauge welding aluminum wire for the actual welding. Just lie everything flat on a fire brick and go to work. The process is very time consuming and I'm begining to feel my usual sence of fear that I will never actually get around to finishing the project, but I'm sure that one summer I will eventually soldier my way through to finishing.

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May 31, 2009
Go for it
by: Iron Mike

Hope you get-r-done soon! I got too many projects I start and never finish, myself.

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