Welding Cart Ideas!

Hot max cart

In this guide I present four different welding cart ideas for you to consider.

However, as a welder, you know that the fun part is building one, assuming you have the time and money. Seriously, you can build a high quality cart for less than it cost to buy an inferior new one (but there are some that are priced so low it's hard to resist, like the harbor freight welding cart).

If you were to buy one you might consider the one pictured above. It's a good design, and it's only $90.

Although the welding cart you build is likely to be better than a mass produced one, these days you can get your money's worth if you buy one pre-built. For example, the Hot Max Welding Cart (pictured here) is very good, and it's designed for a plasma cutter, and you can get it shipped to your front door for under $100.

In this article I will show you some interesting and cool homemade carts and then I'll show you how to build your own, step by step...

Homemade Welding Cart Ideas:

Motorcycle Welding Cart!

motorcycle welding cartMotorcycle fabrication shop welding cart.

This motorcycle welding cart is used at Legends Motorcycles (image copyright Jack Hattaway).

Fabricating motorcycle parts, building motorcycles, and restoring vintage bikes is a specialty business and welding is a huge part of it. If you are involved in many facets of motorcycle building and restoring then you will probably be using different processes like MIG welding, TIG welding, and sometimes stick welding.

As you can see this picture shows a welding cart that is packed with all kinds of welding tools and welding gear. It’s so unique that I had to show it to you. At first glance it looks totally unorganized and messy. But closer inspection reveals just the opposite. Every millimeter is used for something.

Forge Welding Cart:

forge welding cartHomemade portable forge welding cart.

There are all kinds of welding cart ideas, and some of them are really cool. For example, the one pictured here is a Portable Forge Welding Cart (image is copyright Ben Wright).

Forge welding is similar to regular stick and MIG welding in that you are joining pieces of metal together. But you are using a forge to heat your metal, and then you bend and pound it to the shapes you want. It’s a very interesting hobby and profession.

This forge welding cart idea solves problems for many would be forge welders in that they can move their forge to any location they want, making space less of a problem. Space for a forge is usually the biggest issue facing those of us who would like to create metal tools, art, and other metalwork projects using this technique that is old as the hills.

The Ultimate Welding Cart?

ultimate welding cartOne of my favorite homemade welding carts.

Maybe the best welding cart ideas is to build an all in one mobile cart and table. In other words, the idea is to build a something that is much is more than just a cart for carrying a welder or a plasma cutter, like the one above. It’s a mobile workstation that is beautifully designed.

It has a nice welding table in the center, a drill press, a professional tool cabinet, a station for the actual welder and at least two cylinders, a bender, and more!

This is for a very serious professional or home hobby welder. And I am sure he builds some great stuff.

I would like to give credit to the person who took the picture but I can’t because someone posted it on a forum and he didn’t know who took the picture so if you happen to know let me know…

Most Of Us Need A Simple Welding Cart!

homemade welding cartThis homemade welding cart was built by the username frankenfab on the pirate4x4.com forum.

This homemade welding cart is super simple and easy to make. His design was purposely built to raise the welder higher than usual because he welds higher up at times. Maybe because he welds on the roof of cars and trucks. If you weld higher up than most people you will discover that your leads may not reach that high.

A raised design might be good welding cart idea for your shop. Plus, you’ll save yourself some trouble bending down to change your welding wire, or make an adjustment on the settings.

What About A Harbor Freight Welding Cart?

harbor freight welding cartThe Harbor Freight MIG or Flux Core Welding cart shown with equipment (not included).

If you have been welding or working with metal for any length of time you have undoubtedly run across the ultra low cost tool store Harbor Freight. The prices they offer are usually unbelievable. Some of their tools and equipment is well worth it, but many of their items are cheap. So you have to be smart about what you buy there.

Is their welding cart worth it?

The Harbor Freight welding cart is designed for MIG and Flux welding machines. It has a tilted shelf which makes it handy for accessing the controls on smaller welders. It can handle up to one hundred pounds, according to the specifications.

They tout that it is made of heavy duty material, but the actual construction and feel of the cart is a little cheap. But it will hold up, and is worth the small investment of just under sixty dollars. If you are in need of a welding cart and don't have time to build or buy a high quality one you'll find that this is a good alternative.

I rolled it around myself and was satisfied for what you get for your money. But it's not for a high end shop running a larger machine. It's good for small welding equipment like a 110v machine, or small 220v welders.

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