Welding Rack For My Clamps Magnets and Other Things

by Colby Troutman
(Hyndman, PA)

I'm 13 and I love metal working, I started metal working a while back and the way that I did that was I blacksmithed or forged. Some may know what that is some may not, but I'm an only child and I've always been so different and never really had any friends. I was in public school for 5 years and only ever had 1 friend, now I'm home schooled and really got into DIY and things like that, any advise on that... but on to the actual project question.

I want to make a 6 by 4 or 6 by 3 1/2 ft, with wheels, a welding rack for my clamps magnets and other things, a hook or 2 for my arc or mig gun (stinger), a (homemade) sheet metal bender, and a couple square metal boxes welded onto it to hold my inweld welding rod boxes so I don't have to put them on the welder or my piece I'm working on, oh and my vise.

And another thing, should I take the pieces with my mig and then go back with my arc or do the whole thing with my mig/arc welder, oh and one last thing should I wait till I have a building in the spring or do the project and store it in my grandpas garage?

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