Horseshoe Wine Rack Welding Project!

This wine rack project is classed as a beginners welding project, but it is one that many will want to try no matter what their level of welding. The reason this project always gains a lot of interest is because of the material involved and the final product you finish up with. 

If you love wine, want an extra special looking rack and have an interest in something unusual for the home then the horseshoe welding project is for you. This project delivers a timeless piece that becomes a focal point and center of attention in the home, whilst also allowing you the bragging rights of saying you created it! 

Below you will find the requirements and informative guide on the horseshoe wine rack welding project. 

Horseshoe Winerack Welding Project:

Below are the tools and materials required to carry out your horse show wine rack, you will be surprised at how little materials and tools are need for this project: 

  • Mig Welder.
  • 14 horseshoes of a similar size (clean of horse muck of course!) 

Now time to get into the important stuff of how you can create your very own horseshoe wine rack:

  • Take two of the horseshoes and lay them flat on your work bench facing away from you, basically making a w shape. These should be side by side touching each other. 
  • Now weld these two horseshoes together by adding a weld on the top side. Clean this weld down without damaging the horseshoes themselves. 
  • Take three horseshoes and lay them down side by side face down to form a uuu shape, now weld these together. Repeat this process with another three horseshoes. 
  • Now take your two "three horseshoe" piece and place them facing out on the two horseshoes on your work bench, you can now weld these together (see fig. 1) 
  • With the 6 remaining horseshoes put them in piles of three, take one pile and weld two next to each other and one on top in the middle. Repeat the process with the other three. 
  • Now you can weld these two triangular forms of three horseshoes on top of the horseshoe wine rack you have already created. 
  • You should now have a 6 bottle horseshoe rack for storing wine in the shape of a pyramid as show below. 

Figure 1:

Figure 2:

So now, after a small amount of time and effort, unless you are a beginner where there may have been a little sweat and tears, you should have a beautiful and rustic horseshoe 'vino' rack. 

If you are someone who likes the look of wine on a horseshoe but has distaste for anything that isn't modern looking then why not simply paint your rack. A matt black finish to your rack will also look good and mean your rack will not be out of place in a modern kitchen.

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