Wire Feed Tension

by Rod Hancock (Welding Rod)
(Vancouver Island, Canada)

The best way to check your wire feed tension is to hold your hand about an inch from the nozzle.

Trigger the gun; if the wire stops while the gun is operating, tighten the tension slowly until the wire continues to feed and crumples up in your hand.

This would be my experience with aluminum; steel won't fold as easily so hold your hand 2-3" away for steel.

Hope I don't have to tell you to wear a welding glove while doing this!

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Feb 12, 2016
Safty First! NEW
by: Spike

It is unlikely that someone who can buy a welder and has the skill-set to dress himself would deliberately punch a 1mm wire through his hand. But in the event of such a person not knowing what welding gloves are or maybe notknowing how to stop the wire coming out of the gun AND simultaneously being paralyzed and unable to move his hand (it happens!); some safety procedure might be a good idea.
Keep in mind that during this procedure the wire may be traveling in excess of one foot per second!
1) put safety glasses on.
2) put ear defenders on - this is a delicate operation and an unexpected noise could cause dangerous mistakes.
3) grab a pair of pliers and bend the wire over so that it presents a rounded end.
4) carefully put the pliers down in a safe location out of the reach of small children.
5) put your welding gloves on
6) point the gun at your gloved hand and pull the trigger.

NOTE: do not take the safety glasses off - there is a strong possibility that you might get your hand confused with your eyeball; that would be very painful!

Stay safe!

Apr 16, 2012
simple n safe
by: HeatBendWeldJAR

I'd never tell someone to put their hand in front of a welding torch/gun. Point it away from the body, you get enough damage to the body without insisting on it. Shoot the wire at an ungrounded table or piece of wood or, hopefully something you can think of smarter than your hand or shoe!


Oct 19, 2011
feed rate
by: Anonymous

The manufacturer of any brand welder tells you to do this on your metal welding table. If you do not have one, do this against any metal sheet, plate or other heavy metal.......AND remember to always turn of your gas, its too costly. I would dsuggerst to look inside your welder. The side that holds the spool.....look for ultra fine metal dust. Maybe, its a hair to tight still. I have a Miller machine and have never had any complaints since it was brand new 10 years ago!

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