26 Metalworking Projects, Ideas, and Tips!

tank metalworking project

Are you looking for metalworking projects that are not too complicated but fun to work on? If you said 'yes' then you have come to the right place.

If you want welding plans get them here. Otherwise lets get on track with these metalworking ideas.

Below I have listed many ideas unique projects and several simple metalworking projects that you can use to inspire your imagination or use them as they are! If you can dream it, you can probably shape it, fabricate it, and/or weld it. Lets begin.

So you have learned how to weld and used several different tools, right? Now you are ready for some metalworking projects. Here are a few basic but fun ideas:

Keep in mind that these are ideas to get your metalworking idea juices flowing (hey, no smart remarks). Use the ideas as is or build upon them.

For example, a recent submission from a young student that we think is awesome (as well as several others on the welding projects board) is an army tank (check it out).

Here are a few more metalworking projects that are cool and fun:

More Projects and Ideas:

T-Bar Motorcycle Handlebars or Drag Bars: Motorcycle welding and fabrication is a really exiting field that has room for growth. One of many metalworking projects in the custom motorcycle arena that you can build are handlebars (other ideas include gas tanks, frames, swing arms, fenders, etc.). The more popular designs lately are called Drag bars and also Ape Hangers. Here's how to build a basic T-bar design (drag bars):

  1. You will need a length of thick steel or aluminum piping, your choice dependent on your experience of Mig or Tig welding.
  2. Measure and cut one long piece of piping to the length of the bars you want, giving an extra couple of centimeters to allow for the bends you will make in the bar.
  3. Then you need to measure where you will make the two slight bends in the bar either side of the center. To make the bends work out how much of an angle you want, then get your manual pipe bender. To use the manual pipe bender, place the pipe in the bender and gently clamp it down.

4. Put the former in behind the pipe and pull the arm to the required point so your pipe bends to the angle you want, and then repeat on the other side.

5. To create the T section of your bar cut two pieces of pipe to the same length and then weld these to the front of the center of your handle bars some five to ten centimeters apart. You will now have your own T bar handlebars.

Tools and materials required:

  • Welder
  • Aluminium, Chrome-molly, or Steel piping
  • Cutter
  • Pipe bender

Barbecue Grill: Another favorite metalworking project that anyone can build is a barbeque grill. First off you will need to ensure that you actually measure the angle iron, bearing in mind that for safety as well as comfort, you will need to position the barbecue above the waist of the user.

Unique Grill Example: Beer Keg Grill

The best way to bisect the angle iron is to make use of a jigsaw which will cut through the metal fairly easily and with minimal resistance. Remember: some of the parts will need to be cut at a 45 degree angle, and you may find it easier to cut and shape the metal in this way rather than trying to bend them to the 45 degree mark manually.

When your barbecue make sure that you include a flip hatch within the barbecue so that you can then remove the ash deposits that will build up over time much more easily and safely. Leaving these deposits as they are without any attempt to remove them is not only unsanitary it also means that you are placing whoever happens to use the barbecue in a considerable amount of danger.

The Digger: Using simple metal items you can create some amazing artistic items to put on display in your home, one of these could be a model digger.

  1. To create a digger with tracks use small piping and cut into equal pieces then cut two strips of metal and bend into the shape of the tracks, you can now weld the cut pipe on to the inside of the tracks for the tracks rollers.
  2. After this you cut, bend and weld thin gauge steel to make the body of the digger. To make the arms simply use bent pipe or bolts with the head cut off. For the rear of the digger you can use a thick screw for the end as a drill. For the front you can cut and bend a piece of metal then weld on sides for the scoop.

Tools and materials required:

  • Welder
  • Screws
  • Bolts
  • Steel sheet
  • Cutter
  • Steel pipe

Metal Bowl: Now that you have a small workshop I bet you find that you're always losing little bits and bobs, well why not create your very own metal bowl to store these small pieces?

  1. To create this metalworking project take your steel sheet and cut into a large circle. Now place your circle in the English wheel and apply even pressure as you keep wheeling the metal to and fro through the wheel making it bend into a bowl shape.
  2. Now you have worked on the bowl take your pipe and cut two pieces to the same length. Take these two lengths of pipe and mark 5 cm from the end on both ends on each, you now need to place these in the pipe bender and bend both ends to 90 degrees on each piece of pipe.
  3. You will have two handles now that can be welded on to the sides of your bowl to give extra leverage for carrying if its heavy with small metal items.

Tools and materials required:

  • English wheel
  • Steel sheet metal (14 gauge size)
  • Steel pipe
  • Welder
  • Pipe bender

Bracelet: A jewelry metalworking project for the wife or partner, why not make that special someone a bracelet for a special occasion. The beauty of this project is that not only are you getting your partner a piece of jewelery, it will be bespoke and made by your fair hands so she will like it simply for its sentimental value.

To make a bracelet you need to cut thin strips of piping and weld them together. Once this is done you can make small items to hang off your bracelet then weld small washers off the bracelet and put your items on the end. This will give a homemade bracelet in the style of the expensive Pandora bracelets.

Tools and materials required:

  • Pipe
  • Washers
  • Steel sheet
  • Welder
  • Cutter

Unique Metalworking Projects:

Chainmail: Builing custom miedeval armor is a passion for many metalworkers. I had no idea how talented and large this little niche is. Chainmail is one type of meideval armor that is a series of chains linked together to form a shirt of chainmail. Check the work out of this meideval metal artist.

Medieval Helmet: You can build your own medievel helmet to accompany your chainmail. This video shows you exactly how do that (this one is called a Barbut) using sheet metal and basic metalworking tools which includes metalforming and welding.

Firepit: Build a metal firepit for your backyard or even a portable one for the beach. You can make it as simple or advanced as you wish. Here's plans for a simple backyard style pit. Here is a very popular article on building a propane fire pit table!

Coal or Wood burning Stove: Stoves can be advanced metalworking projects. But they are really useful and cool. There's many designs you can model or even buy and you'll need plans because it's not easy.

Check out this beautiful hex-stove by one of our subscribers...

homemade stove

Roses: Yes, you can make metal roses. This metal artist made the best steel roses I've ever seen and I am honored to say that he is also a subscriber.

Chandelier: This idea never crossed my mind until one of our Facebook fans emailed a picture of her custom design. She was very gracious in sending pictures and details on how she built it.

Decorative Gate: You can build your very own decorative gate for your home or go into business building them yourself. Here is a nice design by another long time subscriber of ours.

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Anything requiring the basic framework of a box is ideal for easy welding work. There are so many items around the home that have this basic shape, such as flower boxes, dog kennels, racks and shelving of all kinds, which are really no more than 'stacked boxes', outdoor tables, frames for climbing and 'jungle-jim's'. Even something as large as a carport.

Welding workbench: This is a simple metalworking project. You can weld together a rectangle of square tubing the size of the surface area you need, attach 4 legs at the right height to work comfortably and mount a surface on top, ideally a nice thick piece of sheet metal, welded on. You can weld supports between the legs, or you can utilize the space below by enclosing it and inserting shelves to store your welding equipment. If you attach a vice grip at one end of the table, you will find this very useful.

Fencing off a portion of your yard? Why not weld together sections or panels of fencing in frames of about 3 to 5 feet in length and whatever height you prefer. These you can weld to planted standards spaced regularly.

If you make the framework of square tubing, you will have a good, defined panel as well as a strong fence. You can use square tubing, rods, welded mesh, or flat metal strips to fill in, with lattice work, bars or whatever design you fancy. If you need privacy, you can cut out silhouettes of large leaves, petals, tendrils or abstract designs from thin sheet metal, smooth off the edges and weld them randomly or in a pattern all over the panel. This looks wonderful painted in coppery colors. Or you can simply plant attractive climbing plants beside the fence.

Cast iron rosettes, medallions, and shapes of all descriptions are available to decorate your metalworking projects including gates, plant stands, etc.

You can make cut out sheet metal flower and animal decorations, which are very popular at the moment and give scope to your creativity. Just watch out for the sharp edges! These can be used on murals, fire screens, decorations for outdoor furniture, patios and trellises or even for abstract 'flower arrangements' especially in minimalist style decor.

simple modern garden cart

Things On Wheels: There are many metalworking projects that you can mount on wheels with axles that are mostly based on the 'box' theme. These are children's pull carts, trolleys and barrows for garden use or for moving heavy items such as bags of cement (we have plans available for the one above). Even, on a larger scale, a hot dog stand at your school's sports field. The uses of welding are limited only by your imagination!

Metalworking Ideas:

Dear Hunting Tree Ladder

Hunting tree stand or hunting stand. The tree stand would be an easier metalworking project. A full hunting stand would be a little more challenging, and you also need to consider the fact that you will either build it way out in the Forrest, or build the pieces and then assemble it. The other consideration is whether you will leave it for good, or build it for easy tear down and transport. But it's still a worthwhile project. I know a guy who builds these and sells them fairly successfully.

Knives and hatchets: You can forge a knife or a hatchet from railroad spikes or from scrap metal. Some very creative knives and hatchets are being made from scrap. The other option is to cut knife blanks out of sheet metal and fabricate and sharpen them from there. Some guys are selling them for a small profit.

More Excellent Welding Projects Submitted by Our Subscribers:

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